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County Deanery


The Dean and Assistant Deans work on your behalf to ensure that all college members (both junior and senior) can gain the most out of their experience at Lancaster University and that we are all as safe as possible.


The primary role of the deanery is to promote good communal behaviour within the college, under the terms of the rules of the university and of the college. It is the Deanery's responsibility to investigate alleged breaches of the university disciplinary code and college rules.


The deanery is empowered by the College Syndicate to sanction people breaking the rules. In most cases this involves a fine of anything between £30 and £150, depending on the seriousness of the breach of rules. The Dean also has the right to deny students access to college facilities- such as the Bar and Computer Room- and pass the most serious cases onto the University Dean for more severe sanctions (such as exclusion from the university).


If you have a problem with noise or your fellow residents, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the deanery. Please remember, however, that we can only investigate complaints made against named individuals, and that, as far as possible, your confidentiality will be assured.


Rules & Regulations


All members of The County College must abide by University Rules as well as the Rules & Disciplinary Regulations of the College.




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