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The emphasis of the Tutorial System is on first-year undergraduates, though you will keep the same College Tutor throughout your undergraduate studies at Lancaster. When you first arrive, you will be asked early in intro-week to meet your College Tutor. It the Colleges’ agreed policy that in your first year you will be asked by your Tutor to meet informally once each term, as much so that we can learn from you of your experience at the University as to listen to any difficulties you might have encountered. You can of course decline the termly invitation to meet up with your College Personal Tutor, but it would be courteous that he/she should be told, rather than left uncertain whether or not you would be going.

In your second and third years, the College Tutorial system is less proactive than in the first. You will not be contacted by your Personal Tutor, though it is hoped that you will find it helpful or beneficial to keep in contact with him/her as your University life progresses. It would perhaps be courteous just to tell them of your academic or other successes as well as any possible difficulty you might be experiencing.


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Fylde Tutor's Handbook

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