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Junior Common Room Exec (JCR)

In every college at Lancaster, every undergraduate is a member of their college Junior Common Room or JCR. The JCR Executive, a group of elected students, organise social activities, run campaigns, and provides welfare and other support for its members. It also represents its members’ interests in the College and in Lancaster University Students’ Union (LUSU). It has its own constitution and elected officers.

Grizedale College JCR Exec 2017-18



[our-team group=”president”]

“I oversee the running of the JCR projects and our links with the SCR, as well as being the main student representative for Grizedale in the union.”

General Secretary

[our-team group=”gen-sec”]

“My role is to manage the college finances and budget, run elections and deal with general college enquiries.”

Welfare Team

[our-team group=”welfare”]

“We help support the welfare of college members by organising events and running officer hours, whilst promoting and running fundraising events and campaigns.”

Socials Team

[our-team group=”socials”]

“We make sure that all Grizedale events are fun and inclusive as they can be. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions for events you want for our college!”

Media & Communications

[our-team group=”media”]

“We’re the ones constantly posting on Facebook and trying to keep you updated with everything that is going on! Make sure you follow all our social media accounts to stay in the loop!”

Sports Team

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“We represent and promote the Grizedale sports teams and organise the Carter Shield and Warriors competitions.”