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Have a Good Start in Grizedale

To make sure you don't get off to a bad start, please be very careful on arrivals day. DO NOT leave your car unattended with the boot open while you walk backwards and forwards to your room with your belongings. It may take you less time than you expect to complete the task. ALWAYS lock your car between loads. DO NOT leave your room door open. Everyone on campus is a stranger. Not all of these strangers are honest, law abiding citizens. Do not be naive. Protect your property. I will be walking round residences on arrivals day leaving 'SWAG' cards. If you get one you are not being vigilant enough.

2013 Freshers' Information

Arrive in Grizedale College on Sunday 29th September 2013.

Useful tip. Only pack a bag that you can personally carry. Most of our houses do not have lifts and you may need to carry your bag to the fourth floor. Pack two small manageable bags rather than one large one. In your information packs you will have a little book called the 'guide' and your week's timetable is set out in there. I suggest you read it carefully and highlight the compulsory events which apply to you and the ones you want to go to.

Introductory Talk at 18:30 hours Sunday29th September 2013

At 18.30 hrs Sunday 29th September you should be in the George Fox Building in Lecture theatre 1. The George Fox Building is opposite Grizedale College foyer so is very easy to find. At the meeting you will be able to familiarise yourself with staff and students of the college and learn what the college system has to offer. If you forget everything else, remember this meeting. If you get to it you will be guided to everything else from there.

Immediately following this short meeting you will be taken back to the college for your free Grizedale Hog roast. This will be your first, but not your last, taste of the Grizedale logo which will be an occasional treat throughout your stay here at Lancaster. The event itself serves many purposes. Firstly you get fed so you don't have to worry about shopping as soon as you arrive. You get to meet college staff and members of the student body and you will familiarise yourself with the college facilities and social space. Staff and student helpers will be there to answer any queries and help you feel at home and if you decide to continue your evening with the JCR (Junior Common Room) T shirt party the pig butty will act as a good beer sponge to ensure you stay in control of all your faculties.

The JCR have arranged activities all week (JCR - is the student body tasked with introducing you to each other this week and entertaining you for Intro week and the year ahead). For most of the events arranged by the JCR you can get tickets when you arrive.

College Membership

This is a compulsory fee of £36 paid at the start of your university life. The money is used for a multitude of things, not least the free meal on arrivals day so don't forget to attend.

To pay your memberships fee on line go : Online Membership Payments

Please note - You cannot attend events or take part in college life without being a member so do this first and get it out of the way. If you are only going to be at Lancaster for one year or part of a year please choose the £12 option. All others pay the £36 now as there is no system for paying annually

Week 3 Social with your College Advisor

You will be sent an email with details.


To make friends before you arrive go to Facebook Page

Finally, if you have any questions relating to your arrival or college life, feel free to contact me, Barbara