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Grizedale Freshers’ Timetable

During Welcome Week, there’ll be loads of people around to help. The JCR have organised a week full of events for you to enjoy and to help you get to know everyone. The JCR will also assign a group of fresher reps to each flat/house. These are second or third year Grizedale students who will be around all week to help you out and be on hand to answer any questions that you may have. Below is your fresher’s week timetable.

 Date  Daytime  Evening  Nighttime
01/10/17 Arrivals Day
Grizedale College

Welcome Talk
George Fox LT1 – 6:30pm

Arrivals Hog Roast
Grizedale Bar
02/10/17 Hangover Brunch
Grizedale Bar – 11:30am

Course mate Finder
Grizedale Bar – 1:00pm

JCR Welfare Drop-in & Board Game Tournament
Grizedale Bar & Common Room – 7:00pm
03/10/17 Bar Sports Knockout Tournament
Grizedale Bar – 7:00pm
04/10/17 Sports Day (with Pendle College)
Pendle Rooms & Grizedale Bar – 10:00am
05/10/17 International Office Welcome & Welfare Drop In
Grizedale Bar – 2:00pm
06/10/17 Hangover BBQ
Grizedale Bar – 1:00pm
07/10/17 Rep Day
Lancaster – All Day
08/10/17 Wel-Fair
Grizedale Bar – 12:00pm