Grizedale College

Welcome to Grizedale

Whether you're a prospective, current or past student here at Lancaster University we hope you'll find the site interesting and useful. We give you facts about our college, introductions to our staff and enough pictures to give you some idea of the college spirit you will encounter here. On the RHS of the page you will find previews and links to our most popular pages, at least according to searches on Google.

Grizedale Residences

Visit our College Page for a bit of background information and notes on the facilities available for student use, both here and in the immediate surroundings. These can be enjoyed by all college members whether you live on or off campus. We offer a choice of rooms for your stay with us and for more information about these please click on the Accommodation Page

If you are interested in the staff who try to ensure the smooth running of the college, the porters who provide help and security 24 hours a day, or anyone else who works behind the scenes, then visit our People page. If you prefer to talk to someone in person or by phone we have details on our Contact Page. You can also find information about external links here.

If you are a going to be a new student in Grizedale College, then we have put all the information we think you will need on our Freshers Page. If you would like to get the viewpoint of fellow students then why not visit the JCR Junior Common Room), who have their own Website.

We hope to keep you informed of any events that we organise, so please keep visiting our News Page. Also, if you are ogranising anything, make use of our website to let your college colleagues know about it.

We are going to build up a gallery of photos of our organised visits and socials. If you are interested in putting your own Photos on the site then please drop into the office and let us know. Help us to build up our Gallery Page.

Sometimes life isnt all plain sailing, if there is anything on your mind then please pop in and see us in the office, or visit our Welfare Page.

Grizedale college itself has only been fully completed since September 2009, after a complete rebuilding program . Next to our bar/admin block is the Charles Carter, Management School Building. This brand new 4 storey academic building, was completed in late 2010.

For those students who live off campus, either in town or at home, Grizedale has a kitchen area so that you can make yourself a hot drink or warm some pre cooked food in a Microwave oven. Please note: you are expected to clean up your own mess in this kitchen area, the cleaning staff only mop the floor. There is a seating area (Common Room) where you can sit and read or study or chat to friends between lectures. College Tutors sometimes hold tutorial socials in this area in the evening so don't expect to use it after hours, although it may sometimes be available. For further details please see the college administrator Barbara