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Welcome Letter





Welcome to Grizedale College.

As College Manager, I would like to welcome you to Lancaster University and in particular to Grizedale College. We are the friendliest and most sociable College on campus, and we are all here to help you settle in and make your time at Lancaster unforgettable.

When you arrive in Grizedale you will be met by a team of enthusiastic student volunteers. These students will show you the way to your accommodation and answer any questions you have about Grizedale and Welcome Week. Our student Welcome Week Team has arranged a week of entertainment for you; this is the time to get to know your peers, make friends and contacts who will make your years at university memorable.

The Introductory talk will introduce you to students and staff. If you forget everything else; remember to be in the George Fox Building at 6:30pm on Sunday 1st October and you will be guided through the week from there on. On leaving the George Fox Building you will be issued with a ticket for your first free Hog Roast which will be served in front of Grizedale bar. This is followed by a white t-shirt party in the bar – so make sure to bring a marker pen and t-shirt!

I recommend all first years take a look at Grizedale’s Website; it has lots of information about the College. Read it carefully and familiarise yourself with the College Officers who will support you during your stay at Lancaster. If you want to get a ‘feel’ for what kind of College Grizedale is socially, look at Grizedale’s JCR’s Freshers 2017 group on Facebook or Twitter for details of the social activities planned for you throughout Welcome Week – and beyond!.

If you have not yet paid your College Membership fee please go to online payments and do so before you arrive. The Membership Fee is a one-off payment of £36, covering the whole of your time at Lancaster. This fee, set and collected by the University, is used to provide facilities for Grizedale students, to reduce ticket prices for events, to contribute towards the costs of the events calendar your Events team put on etc., so the more you join in, the more you’ll benefit! That’s what Grizedale College is all about – new friends, new events, and new opportunities! The fee is not refundable, so make sure you join in with all the subsidized activities.

All of Lancaster’s nine Colleges occasionally group together and run a couple of local trips during Welcome Week. Take a look at the Lancaster Castle trips on Tuesday, 3rd and Friday, 6th October, Blackpool Illuminations on Thursday, 5th. There’s lots and lots of other stuff to do such as attending the Freshers Fair, Sports trials, etc. You don’t have to do everything but getting involved is the key to getting the most out of your undergraduate experience.

If everything feels a bit overwhelming, which is by no means uncommon, the College has a team of advisors who will be on hand to support you. They are known as the CAT team, and they are the first point of contact for students who are experiencing any personal difficulties, academic concerns or ill health. Grizedale’s Senior Advisor (Andy) will explain in more detail below.

Should you have any queries about getting involved in college life in Grizedale please don’t hesitate to contact me or give me a ring on 01524 592631. I can usually be found in the college office – so don’t hesitate to say hello or buy a Grizedale lanyard for your keys!

I look forward to meeting you all.

Will Harpley
Grizedale College Manager

A note from Andy Harrod, Grizedale College Senior Advisor
Grizedale College Advisor Team (The Grizedale CAT)

I hope your time in Grizedale College is an enjoyable one, however if you find the transition to university life difficult, which is not uncommon, and/or and experience personal problems along the way, again we find this is often a part of life for many students, the Grizedale CAT is here to support you.

Grizedale College has a team of committed individuals dedicated to helping Grizedale students settle into university life and enjoy their time at Lancaster. This group is called the College Advisor Team (CAT) and we are a first point of call for any students feeling uncertain or concerned about a variety of welfare issues:

  • Personal & social, are you feeling lonely, homesick or having difficulty making friends? Do you have problems at home or with a relationship?
  • Ill health, emotional distress;
  • Financial problems;
  • Academic issues.

As Will says if for some reason your time here is not what you expected, please don’t suffer in silence, come and talk to us and we will support you through your degree. If we can’t help, we will know someone who can.

You are welcome to contact the CAT by email or once you are at Lancaster come and chat to us at one of the regular drop in sessions. These are held every Thursday (times to be confirmed) in term time in the Grizedale Meeting Room, which is next to the Porters Lodge. You will be sent a weekly reminder for the drop ins by email and there will be posters on the display board outside the porters lodge.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you make the most of your time at Grizedale and Lancaster.

Best wishes

Andy Harrod on behalf of the Grizedale CAT

Accommodation Matters
For accommodation queries please contact Tracy Hargreaves our College Accomodation Manager by email