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Established in 1981


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Landscaping Liverpool

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Here at Allerton Landscaping Services we like to let are own experience and quality of work speak for itself.  With approximately 2000 projects completed since 1981 we have own history and reputation.  Locally I believe our sign boards are quite well known (green 4ft x 4ft with white lettering) as they are regularly mentioned to me by various people in passing, My staff and I have worn navy blue work shirts with the yellow Allerton name for over 20 years, My blue vehicles with the yellow www.allertonlandscapes.co.uk were also widely recognisable.

Design Philosophy

When I’m designing I like to design with the individual garden and the customer's needs in mind, I don't listen to any design ideas from my customers until I have completed my first design.  I do have a chat with them and find out how they wish to use the garden and if there are any particular features required but I strongly point out that I don’t want to hear their design ideas at this stage as they it may influence my design if I have preconceived any ideas.  I like to start with a truly blank canvass on which to work my design ideas.  Once my first design is completed I then show the design to my customer and I then listen to their  ideas.  More often than not the customer is happy with what I have come up with, and bar a few tweaks here and there, my first design idea is generally the one that works. I generally design and build traditional gardens with traditional features rather than use pre-built or modular type products - if I’m building a circular patio I will cut the material I’m using to a circle and not use a factory cut special.  I love working with natural materials and generally my designs lean towards a more traditional type of design.

Companies who produce landscaping materials are now sponsoring contractors if they are prepared to use there materials. They give out awards to give a false sense of achievement and recommend them as if something has been accomplished. Although it looks very good on a web page and is an easy way to give an impression of qualified success, it really is just another marketing tool. I will never go down that path. I have no wish to sell myself out to help booster the sales of any particular supplier of materials. Or indeed to make my company look like something it isn’t.

The Start

My mother was the artistic one of three daughters, she honed her skills for four years at the Liverpool School of Art on Hope Street, (coincidently I ended or attending the Liverpool Institute next door). After leaving the Art School and working as what to today would be considered a graphic artist she landed a job with the Liverpool City Council landscaping department doing prospective art for various landscaping projects for the thirty odd years she was there.

I have one brother who has spent his career working in the top end of computer programming in America.  Of the two of us I was the one who got my mothers artistic talents.  I started work in the Grosvenor garden centre, West Derby, when I was eighteen.  At the age of twenty two I decided to start out on my own and quickly I found I had a talent for design.  With some help from my mum in the early years, I worked hard on the design aspect of the business.  I went computerised in 1997 and immediately put my drawing board away and started using CAD for my designs, I introduced the 3D Models in 2008, these help massively in explaining to my customers what my design ideas will look like when built.  With the 3D models I can walk you through any of my designs and see them from any angle, even the views through your windows.

Over the years I have experimented with the best way to run my company, from having 3 or 4 sites running to finally coming back to what I suspected all along of having just the 1site running.  I am now happily fitting a more personalised job. I find the only way to really keep the quality and the integrity of my designs is to have a very heavy hands-on part in the process.  I find lots of benefits to this, including it enabling me to let the design evolve as we build, as all drawings are really just a flexible guide to the finished product.  being hands-on helps me achieve better quality control and have a closer working relationship with my customer and a more efficient site. In the past I have been guilty of wanting to build a successful business rather than supplying a personally designed garden with the one on one attention that is really required.  So although we have always done a good job and delivered what we were asked to do, I believe that there was often that bit extra missing.  With two or three sites running it was impossible to keep on top pf all the things which I think are important. I have now remedied that situation and I am totally happy with the way the company now operates.

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