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The College

Lonsdale College was founded in 1965 and is the second oldest Lancaster University college). Originally located on the North Spine of the main campus, for 40 years, Lonsdale was home to the Law Department and the Modern Languages Department as well as thousands of students. But with the new millennium came radical new ideas.

The University decided it needed to expand it's student accommodation and a proposal to build 2500 new rooms in a location on the South West of campus was agreed. The idea of Alexandra Park was born (named after Princess Alexandria the University's first Chancellor).

The grand plan was to re-locate two of the existing colleges to this new site. After a great deal of soul-searching and taking both staff and students opinions on board, Lonsdale (along with Cartmel College) agreed to move. It was with great regret that we left the old college. However, a college is much more than a collection of buildings - the things that make Lonsdale special - it's spirit, it's traditions and of course its students will never change! Forty years of student living had taken its toll on the old college and the chance to move to a brand new site with en-suite facilities in all rooms was just too good to turn down. So in 2004 the work began and the first students moved into 'New' Lonsdale. The building work was completed and the final students moved in at Easter 2005.

The new residence blocks, originally just identified by numbers, were all given the names of places in the Lonsdale region such as Tunstall and Wennington.

You can also opt for catered accommodation, consisting of breakfast and dinner daily during term time (31 weeks). There is a dining facility at each end of the campus open to students on the scheme. 

As well as state-of the-art living accommodation Lonsdale has a brand new social space called, Lonsdale House.

This is where the college staff are to be found, the college offices, JCR committee rooms and porters' lodge are all here but far more importantly this is where you will find the bar! This is one of the biggest, and certainly the best bar on campus! It's bright and airy space is furnished in a modern yet comfortable style, there are pool tables, dart board, plasma and projector televisions (showing all the Sky channels) a sound booth with top class disco equipment and of course a dance floor.

The rooms on the upper level of Lonsdale House are alcohol-free and this is where you will find the junior and senior common rooms where you can just chill out and relax. The JCR has a TV/DVD player, pool table, daily newspapers and coffee and food vending machines. Up here you will also find a quiet study room and a computer room with a dozen networked PCs. We always said that Lonsdale was 'Simply the Best' - well now it definitely is!

And that's Lonsdale. If you're visiting the university drop in and see us. Whether you're an old student checking out the new college or a prospective student thinking of studying at Lancaster we will be delighted to see you.

Lonsdale College, Alexandra Park, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA2 0LJ, United Kingdon. Tel: 44 (0) 1524 592296. lonsdale@lancs.ac.uk