Junior Common Room

In all Lancaster colleges, the undergraduates are members of a body called the Junior Common Room or JCR. Members are entitled to use the numerous and spacious common rooms located within Lonsdale, where you can go to relax and meet other students. The JCR Executive organises social activities, runs a wide range of sports clubs, and provides welfare and other support for its members. It also represents its members’ interests in the College and in Lancaster University Students’ Union (LUSU). It has its own constitution and elected officers.


The first JCR meeting, 1967.

The first JCR meeting, 1967.

Student clubs were also widespread during the early existence of the University. The Film Society boasted that “for half a crown”, you could watch anything ranging from The Grapes of Wrath to A Hard Days Night. There was also a Marxist Discussion group for the more left wing political brains and the Conservative and Unionist Association which was one of the first clubs to be formed at the university. University politics were hotly debated. The first JCR meeting for Bowland and Lonsdale occurred in 1967.


The JCR remain very activity within the college: organising social and sporting activities, providing student welfare support, and representing students at LUSU. If you want to find out more about the JCR, visit the JCR Executive or their news and events page.

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