Quiet Period

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Lancaster University has now entered the Quiet Period which all members of the University community are asked to observe.

It is especially important at this time that all students are able to study in peace and rest without unnecessary disturbance.

The ban includes noise of unreasonable volume and at unreasonable times within residences. Please be considerate to your peers who may be preparing for examinations even if you are not.

Any breach of the noise ban will not be tolerated by the Deanery during the Quiet Period.

Fines which are imposed for infringement of noise regulations will automatically be doubled during the Quiet Period.

This is in line with University Rules section 4.0.

Colleges or societies wishing to organise events during the Quiet Period must seek special permission from the relevant College Dean, the University Dean or the Head of Student Registry.

Quiet period runs until 20 June 2013.

Martin Colclough
College Dean
Pendle College
Lancaster University