Current Students

Love is in the air

It’s Valentine’s Week! That special time of year where you and your bae and Pendle JCR (who is always in the back of your mind) get together and reaffirm your pure and virtuous love for each other.

How does Pendle JCR love you? Let me count the ways:


It’s Shrove Tuesday, and your SCR are giving out prizes for the highest caught flip at Pendle’s Flippin’ Fantastic Pancake Tossing.


On Wednesday, come down to Pendle’s General Meeting – the first of the new JCR and your chance to hear what’s been going on in the college, grill the JCR and have your say.

Then, later that evening, it’s A Valentine’s Day Shindig with Pendle. We’ve got our usual Wednesday tequila offers, plus free chocolate, lube and condoms AND the sight of the VP: Welfare & Education wearing fairy wings and a condom hat. Don’t miss it.


On Thursday afternoon we have Piece of Cake & Peace of Mind, a collaboration with mental health charity Mind. Get some cake in you and learn about good mental health.

That evening is, of course, Pendle Live, but this week has a twist – we’re being taken over by LUGleeC for a Glee-themed showing.


It’s Sunday, why would it be anything other than Pendle Pub Quiz?