Current Students

It’s JCR Election Time!

Do you want to get more out of your time at uni? Think you could apply yourself to shaping your college? Want to add fantastic experience to your CV when you graduate? Pendle, this is your chance!

Pendle College will be holding nominations for a JCR Exec roles in Week 7 of Michaelmas Term 2017. You will hold the position from January 2018 until December 2018. The opportunity to chat to current JCR members will be available to all electees, so don’t be shy about sending them an email or chatting to them in the Pendle Rooms.

All positions will be up for grabs:

• President
• Vice President (Events)
• Event Officer (x2)
• Vice President (Welfare and Education)
• Women’s Welfare Officer
• Men’s Welfare Officer
• International Officer
• General Secretary
• Media and Comms Officer (x2)
• Sports Officer (x2)

If you have any questions for the incumbents, you can find their contact details here.

Here are a few questions we expect people may have:

Can anyone run?

Pretty much! Whether you’re a Pendle fresher or a third year who’s only just moved to the college, the JCR is open to all Pendle students. The only caveat to that is that, obviously, if you will have graduated by next year you are ineligible to run.

What’s the workload like?

There’s not point lying to you: the JCR does bring with it a fairly sizeable workload. You will have to think carefully about whether you would be able to handle both your course and JCR workload before you apply. However, bear in mind these positions are only for one term.

Will waiting for a bye-election help me to get a position in the full elections?

There is no rule or guarantee, but having prior JCR experience will be a boost when you run again. Not only that, but this term will help you be sure that the role is right for you, without the full year’s commitment of a full election.

What does role x do?

You can find the full bye-laws for all the roles in Pendle College’s constitution here.