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The Collegiate System

Lancaster University has over 12,000 students and most colleges have about 1,300 undergraduate student members, both resident and non-resident. Being a student at Lancaster means you won’t get lost amongst our students as the collegiate system makes you a part of a smaller close-knit community:  your college.

  • All students are members of a college
  • All university staff are members of a college
  • Every college has its own bar and social facilities.
  • Pendle Rooms is purpose-built for your social life.
  • You can play sport for your college, either inter-block, or be part of the intense inter-college rivalry.
  • You graduate with your College friends, not your department
  • Colleges run their own social events e.g. Christmas Balls, Summer Parties (College Extravs)
  • You can develop your CV by getting involved in the running of your college
  • All students have access to to the Pendle Advisor (Welfare) Team
  • College affiliation is for life, not just while you study!

Your college offers a ready-made social network, welfare support, accommodation, and leisure facilities helping you to find your feet and settle quickly into your studies and your social life. You can get involved in the running of your college, which is a great way to develop your CV.

Pendle College organises social evens for its members from Christmas Balls to the Summer Extrav. There’s great inter-college rivalry and you will have the opportunity to represent Pendle in a range of sports, whatever your level of ability.  In your college you’ll meet students studying a huge range of subjects, and within your department you’ll meet members from all of the other colleges.  It’s a great way to develop friendships across campus.


Why Pendle?

Pendle College, known as the Venue of Legends was established in 1974, and is named after the historic Pendle Hill area, renowned for its 17th century witches, and their subsequent trials at Lancaster Castle.

Pendle College has a well-developed sense of community, folk-law, tradition, fairness and fun. Pendle looks for students who will contribute to the continued success of the college. Pendle is proud of its strong academic and sporting achievements and, with a great social space and enthusiastic social secretaries, also enjoys a friendly tradition of socialising and inclusiveness.

Pendle offers students a chance to be a part of a strong and friendly community for their time at Lancaster, and beyond. It’s a place where thousands of students have enjoyed their time at University, and many students have become Pendle Legends by getting involved in college life. One of the main aspects of Pendle’s busy social life includes the Friday night parties, fancy dress bar crawls and Sunday night quizzes. Pendle social space is traditionally the place for Live Bands on campus. Equally, Pendle students are active in the wider community, including volunteering often globally!

Information for Pendle Students living off-campus

In Pendle College we understand that students living outside campus face particular challenges, and we do our best to help you and involve you in the life and activities of the College. Non-resident students have access to all communal facilities and utility rooms provided by the College. These include a kitchen with storage lockers, a Games Room, bar, sitting room, quiet study, shower room, computer room, laundry room, cycle racks and storage lockers.

The fact that you are not living on campus should not deter you from taking an active interest in the running and social life of the college.  After all, non-resident students include second and third years, so form a large and growing proportion of students in the College.

Although off campus, you have the same rights as other Pendle students, can stand for and be elected to JCR posts, and still enjoy all that’s best about Pendle.

College Membership

The College Membership Fee is payable by all new members of Pendle College (and all other colleges). This income is spent mainly on supporting the College’s Advisory system, travel grants to student members, maintaining and improving communal areas of the College (i.e. the College social space facilities) and subsidising JCR ventures such as the end of term parties, trips off campus for shopping and nightclubs, and so on.

STANDARD MEMBERSHIP £36 – All undergraduate members of Pendle College have to pay this one-off fee, which covers the full period of your degree.  Please pay your Membership Fee on-line HERE BEFORE Arrivals Day (Saturday, 26th September).

EXCHANGE STUDENT MEMBERSHIP £12 –  A fee of £12 will apply for visiting students staying with Pendle College for an academic year or any part of the academic year.  Please, if possible, pay your Membership Fee on-line HERE BEFORE Arrivals Day (Saturday, 26th September).

Mail & Parcels

Use the following address for all correspondence & deliveries :

(Your name)





  • Using any other postcode may delay your mail. Do not address items to University House. You do not need to include your Block or House room number.
  • If you are not in residence, mail & parcels should be delivered to your off-campus address.
  • You will have been given a small key which opens the mailbox corresponding to the initial letter of your family name. Your mailbox (they are located in Pendle foyer) will hold letters and other correspondence posted from outside the University.
  • Recorded delivery mail, parcels, or items believed to be confidential or containing valuables will be retained in the Porters Lodge and your name will appear on the mail lists posted on the Lodge window. You will be required to sign for any item of retained mail.
  • Please show your Library Card or other photo ID when collecting retained items and collect parcels as soon as possible.
  • It’s very important to check your internal University mail as not all information comes via email. This post can be collected from the open mail boxes to the right of the Porters Lodge counter.

The Marcus Merriman Travel Grant Award

Awards are normally given to individuals or groups of students planning to undertake travel to enable them to broaden themselves in some way, or gain new experiences.

These grants are available by applying to Pendle’s Assistant Senior Advisor. The application form can be printed off from the College website HERE



About Us

Pendle College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Lancaster. Founded in 1974, the college offers standard, en-suite, studio accommodation and a lot more.

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