Welcome Week

A Welcome from the Principal

May I be the first to wish you the warmest of welcomes both to Pendle College and Lancaster University! The aim of the College is to provide a friendly and supportive environment in which you can work to your highest academic ability and enjoy all that Pendle life has to offer – and there is an enormous amount to engage you!

Coming to the University can be a daunting experience for new students. Leaving home, living as an independent adult (including fending for and feeding yourself) and organising your own time, getting the right balance between social and academic commitments – these things can sometimes feel overwhelming.  But let me assure you that you will find people in Pendle College who are ready and willing to help you in any way they can, so don’t be afraid to talk to us. Whether it be Pendle Porters, our cleaners, college office staff and College Officers themselves, both in Senior (staff) and Junior (student) Common Rooms, we are friendly and we can see our role as helping you settle in and make the most of the opportunity you have created for yourself.

Generally, Lancaster undergrads – that’s you! – will spend three or four years at Lancaster, living on or off campus but always retaining their College identity. They should be three or four of the most exciting and stimulating – and demanding – years of your life so far. You will meet and make many new friends and, I trust, achieve academic success. At the same time, you will recognise that the old adage applies: you only get out as much as you put in. The best way of ensuring a great time in Pendle is to be involved in its wealth of activities and play your part in the life of your College. There is plenty to choose from, so there’s no excuse for opting out!

Our website is packed with information to help you navigate your way to, into and around the College – including the all-important Freshers’ Week calendar, the Orientation talk you must attend on Arrivals Day, and a number of other events to make you feel part of the Pendle family.  Sitting alone in your room feeling slightly overwhelmed by it all is not uncommon initially, but coming down to the College Office to say hello, using Pendle Rooms – our, and now your social space – meeting your new flatmates in your kitchen, are the best antidotes to dissipate your fears, and the perfect start to what should be the journey of a lifetime.  It starts in Pendle!

I look forward to meeting you early in the term. Good luck!

Roger Gould


Action Plan for 2015 Welcome Week


As a new member of Pendle, you will find the College the centre of your day-to-day life outside your academic department, and you’ll quickly learn why our students become fiercely loyal to Pendle for life!

Pendle JCR Exec created a 2015 Freshers Facebook so do keep an eye on this Facebook page

Take a look at Pendle JCR’s Welcome Week timetable during the daytime and evening

The information posted on this page has been created to help you find out more about Pendle and the people who can help during your time here. The links will go live towards the middle of September and should give you all the information you need, and if not, try the Search box. If you are uncertain, email Pendle College Administrator, Jill at j.harpley @ lancaster.ac.uk or Phone on 01524 592611. You can expect to receive an email from Pendle after the 19th September, giving you plenty of essential information, so there’s no need to panic yet – but keep a close eye on your Inbox – you’ll get LOTS sent to it!

College Membership

All Colleges at Lancaster charge a one-off membership fee, set by the University.  The standard Undergraduate fee – the same for every college at Lancaster is payable once and lasts the full period of your Degree – is currently set at £36.  This means over the course of a 3-year Degree, the cost is 40p per week during term.

What do I get out of my Membership?  I’m already paying a Tuition Fee…

It’s a good question!  Obviously, your tuition fee is a requirement of the UK government as a way of funding all universities, and it is deferred (i.e. not paid up-front) until you leave University.

However, whilst it is a requirement of the University Regulations that you are a paid-up member – in other words, the opportunity to take a Degree at Lancaster University means you have to be a member of a College – but your College Membership is nothing to do with your tuition – your college is, if you like, your ‘Home’ during term-time.

As one of the handful of Collegiate Universities in the UK, the College system give you considerably more opportunities than just living in Halls of Residence and being one student amongst thousands.  Pendle has about 700 resident students – a small community that is largely self-regulating.  In other words, Pendle students – that’s you , remember! – and staff shape your domestic and social life.  Membership Funds are spent entirely supporting College life, in a wide range of ways typically including running (and often subsidising) college socials, supporting the work of Pendle Junior Common Room Exec (students you elect – or stand to join!), vacation travel grants, small bursaries, running the College Advisor system, and so on.  For example, this year, at the request of the JCR, the college has purchased two large-screen TVs for Pendle Sitting Room, as well as subsidising the cost of tee-shirts, buses for trips out (shopping trips and nightclubs), buying new fit and equipment for Pendle Sports teams, subsidising Pendle’s Learn to Cook sessions, and providing free food endlessly.


The best way to get the most out of your fee is to be an active and engaged member!  And if you want it spending differently, why not think about standing for an elected post to the JCR Executive?  Then it’s up to you…

No profits are made, and no part of the Fee goes towards funding the staff of the College.

Please pay your Membership Fee on-line HERE BEFORE Arrivals Day (Saturday, 26th September). Further information available HERE


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Pendle College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Lancaster. Founded in 1974, the college offers standard, en-suite, studio accommodation and a lot more.

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