Newly designed, deliciously warm, delightfully embroidered with the Witch and dazzlingly daring, Pendle Hoodies are now available to order…these are a must have! They come in all sizes…Small, Medium Large and Extra Large and for Freshers joining Pendle or existing students yours can be waiting for you when you arrive in College by emailing Jill at



If you’ve already graduated and the nostalgia fest has started to kick in then it’s not too late…ring Jill on 01524 592611 and she will help you just the way she always did!

The cost of your Pendle Hoodie is £15 – one of the cheapest hoodies on campus! Pendle College makes no profit at all on the sale of hoodies – £15 is the cost from the supplier, including VAT.



Pendle “Wear in the World” Competition

Take your Pendle Hoodie everywhere on your travels? Don’t go out without it! Why not take a photo of you in your lovely Pendle Hoodie in the most exotic/unusual location you can get to, and send it (with the location, your name and a caption) to Jill at and she’ll put it up on the “Wear in the World?” page – see how far our Hoodies have gone around Planet Pendle! The further yours has travelled, the more likely you are to own the Most Travelled Pendle Hoodie Award… until someone tops you.

First Pendle Hoodie on the Moon, anyone..?