Welcome Week 2017

Arrivals – 30th September, 2017


First of all huge congratulations for getting into Lancaster University and more importantly for getting into Pendle College, whether it was through choice or more to do with fate! Being a medium sized college on campus most people tend to get to know each other, creating a friendly atmosphere and the feeling of a close knit community. The people you meet here and perhaps during Welcome Week are likely to be people you keep in contact with long after you graduate. You are in for a brilliant time no matter what your preference for a good time is. So allow yourself to relax, enjoy your new surrounding and make the most of what is sure to be an incredible seven days!

Here’s a taster of our Welcome Week plans but of course there’s lots more music and sporting events going on at the same time…wait until you get here and you’ll see. Our day time timetable and our night time timetable will give you an idea of what to expect.

If you have any questions or suggestions relating to any aspect of Welcome Week then you can post a question on the Pendle Freshers 2017 Facebook page

Amy Hopper or Jill Harpley will be happy to answer any questions about Welcome Week and Pendle College