Get Involved!

There are loads of ways you can get involved in your college, with varying degrees of time commitment and skills.


If you would like to represent Pendle College athletically, have a look a the Sport page for more information.

General Meetings

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General Meetings are your chance to find out about what’s going on in your college, to grill your JCR and to have your say. All Pendle students are invited to General Meetings, and notice will be given out beforehand.

If you have any agenda points you’d like brought up, get in touch with the Chair.


There are a number of committees available year-round that help the JCR with running various aspects of the college. They’re great experience for if you were considering running for JCR, or a fantastic alternative to doing so if you don’t quite think you’d have the time for it.

You can find out more about the committees here.

Run for JCR

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JCR elections are an exciting period where you can run for any JCR positions (if eligible).

A weeklong nomination period is issued, where you can sign up to run for a role and submit a manifesto. Then comes a week of campaigning, involving posters, block runs and whatever else creative you can think of to swing voters in your favour. Then hustings, where you give a short speech and are grilled by your fellow students, before finally a vote is issued and the winners are announced.

You can view the available JCR positions here.

All roles are governed by a series of bye laws.

College Awards

Every year at graduation, the College delivers a number of awards to exceptional students. You can find more information, and a list of past winners, here.

Marcus Merriman Travel Grant

Every year, a number of travel grants are issued to Pendle students planning to undertake travel to enable them to broaden themselves in some way, or gain new experiences. More information, and a list of previously successful applications, can be found here.