JCR Officers

There are two Sport Officers in the JCR as part of the Events team. Find out more on the Your JCR page.


Pendle College is proud to have a number of highly-capable sports teams, who regularly bring us glory across football, netball, bar sports and table tennis. Find out more on the Teams page.

Intercollegiate Competitions

There are three intercollegiate sporting competitions each year at Lancaster University, and Pendle has been known to excel in all of them.

The Carter Shield The George Wyatt Cup The Warriors Cup

The Carter Shield is a bi-weekly, light-hearted intercollegiate sporting competition open to people of all ability. It also shines a spotlight on lesser-known sports such as Goalball.

The George Wyatt Cup is without a doubt the most prestigious bar sporting prize you’ve ever encountered.

Traditionally, the fight for the George Wyatt Cup takes place in terms one and two – Monday nights see men’s darts, ladies’ pool and dominoes  whilst Tuesday nights see men’s pool and ladies’ darts. The resident bars alternate each week.


An intense one-week summer sporting fixture and our (better) answer to Founders, the Warriors Cup sees Pendle pitted against uber competitive sporting rivals Grizedale!