Pendle College is proud to have a number of very highly-talented sport teams, regularly winning us glory in football, netball, pool, darts, table tennis and dominoes. Here you can find out who to contact about getting involved:
William CuttsFootball, Men's AsCaptain
Yusuf AshrafFootball, Men's BsCo-captain
Daniel HulseFootball, Men's BsCo-captain
Peter BacheFootball, Men's Cs (The Green Witch)Captain
Hannah RaceNetball, Women's AsCaptain
Beth NicksonNetball, Women's BsCaptain
Becky WhiteNetball, Women's Cs (The Pendle Cats)Captain
Sam CooperPool, Men's AsCaptain
Jon CheongPool, Men's BsCaptain
Christina IlievaPool, Women'sCaptain
James TaylorDarts, Men'sCaptain
Alice MillsDarts, Women'sCo-captain
Emily DelaneyDarts, Women'sCo-captain
Milly TriggDominoesCo-captain
Matt McManusDominoesCo-captain
Josh BatsonTable TennisCaptain