Get Involved

Remember, there are lots of ways to be involved in Pendle and it’s the best way to have a great time in College.

You can stand to get elected to the JCR Exec Committee effectively becoming part of Pendle’s Management Team!

You could organise events

Do some dj-ing – and let the music play

Play in a Pendle band the college has its own equipment and stage

Join one of several sports teams and represent Pendle against other colleges

Take place in bar sports

Raise money for charity or be seriously keen on dressing up (fancy or classy) and partying in the bar

Volunteering for one of the overseas opportunities in the summer (in collaboration with Lancaster University’s Volunteering Unit), you can learn to cook or invent and organise something completely different from all of these just for fun!

About Us

Pendle College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Lancaster. Founded in 1974, the college offers standard, en-suite, studio accommodation and a lot more.

Contact Pendle

If you are a prospective student or current Pendle student, feel free to contact us. For all the answers to your queries click here