College Awards and the Marcus Merriman Travel Grant

These grants are available by applying to Pendle’s Assistant Senior Advisor, Dr. Nigel Watson. The cover sheet can be downloaded HERE

Awards are normally given to individuals or groups of students planning to undertake travel to enable them to broaden themselves in some way, or gain new experiences.

Please write a letter, addressed to the Assistant Senior Advisor, giving dates of travel, full details about the purpose of the trip and outlining what you hope to achieve and attach the cover sheet.

Applications must be handed to Jill Harpley, the College Administrator, before the end of week nine of the current term. If your application is successful, you are asked to give a report in writing about the trip and what you have learned. The amount awarded will only constitute a small contribution towards costs and will not cover the full amount.

College Awards

Every year in Summer Term the College seeks nominations for final year student for the following Awards:-

Donovan Tagg Award (Pendle’s highest award) given to final years or in some instances other members of the College, who have made a significant contribution to the life and spirit of college.

The Marcus Merriman Award is awarded to a final year student who has worked tirelessly for the College and is loyal to the collegiate system.

The George Hayhurst Award is given to a final year who has worked hard to uphold the College tradition.

Commitment to College Awards are for students who have represented the College in any way and whose loyal and continuous contribution has been beneficial to the College.

Any member of Pendle College can nominate a final year student for any of these awards.  All you need to do is to send in the name of your nominee and the reason you feel they deserve the award.  Awards are presented, if possible, at Graduation each year.

Please let the College have your nominations by Friday, Week 28 by either emailing Jill , handing in your nomination to the College Office, Pendle Porter or any member of the JCR Exec.

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