New Students

These pages contain all the information you might be after to inform your decision on whether Lancaster University or, more specifically, Pendle College is right for you.

For starters, you can read about Lancaster University’s unique collegiate system here, but we’ve distilled it down to a few bullet points for you:

  • All students and university staff are members of a college.
  • Standard Membership costs £36, to be paid before Arrivals Day, which covers the full period of your degree (£12 for Exchange Student Membership)
  • Every college has its own bar and social facilities.
  • You can play sport for your college as part of the intense intercollegiate rivalry.
  • You graduate with your fellow College members, not your department.
  • Colleges run their own social events such as Christmas Balls, Summer Parties.
  • You can develop your CV by getting involved in the running of your college.
  • Your college has a College Advisor Team for any welfare concerns you may have, as well as 24/7 security and mail services
  • College affiliation is for life, not just while you study!

So that’s why Lancaster University is a fantastic place to live and study, but what’s so great about Pendle College? Why should you choose it as your first choice when there are 7 other undergraduate colleges to choose from?



Pendle College is Lancaster University’s indisputable music college. We have the best bar acoustics, the ONLY weekly live music night on campus, our very own high-end AV equipment and strong relationships with the musical societies in and around campus – many of them were even founded by Pendle College members.

We also have the fantastic quad space in front of the bar which, when paired with acts overlooking it on the balcony, makes it a dream venue for any aspiring band or DJ.



Pendle is a very strong sporting college, offering opportunities to compete at both a collegiate and intercollegiate level in a number of sports, and for a variety of skill levels.

We have three college teams for both Football (Men’s As, Bs and Cs) and Netball (Woman’s As, Bs and Cs), who routinely perform very well in intercollegiate fixtures such as the Summer Cup and are often hand-picked to play against York University in Roses on the University team.

Pendle also excels in Bar Sports, three Pool teams (Men’s As and Bs, Women’s), men’s and women’s Darts teams and a mixed Dominoes team. We have won the campus Bar Sports George Wyatt Cup three years in a row now, and we look to hold onto it again next year!

Finally, we also have a very strong mixed Table Tennis team who have won a number of prizes over the years.



That’s the view from your bedroom window. Pendle is such a close-knit college in part due to it’s inward-facing quad design – you are looking across at the rest of your college when you look out.

And those of you in the slightly more further-afield ensuite accommodation need not fear being left out: there is a smaller quad situated between those blocks, as well as the main quad and Pendle Rooms (that building in the top-left) being fully available to you too.

You’ll also have some interesting neighbours – one of our porters took this photo of the deer on campus paying a visit to our Pick Your Own fruit and vegetable gard

Lancaster Pride

Pendle College Principal Tracy Walters and other staff members were please to take part in Lancaster Pride on Saturday 20th May.

Lancaster Pride was held in aid of Out in the Bay, a local charity providing support to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people in the Lancaster area, as well as raising awareness for LGBT issues and campaigns.

The main event was a march through the centre of Lancaster and a street fair held on Church Street.

The event was a huge success and a celebration of diversity in Lancaster.


Pendle College counts amongst its alumni the MP Alan Milburn, BBC journalist Ranvir Singh and—of course—the mighty James May, he of Top Gear fame. He even sent us a lovely birthday message the other year:


We love you too, James. He’s even been known to visit from time to time.

So basically, Pendle will almost definitely turn you into a famous musician, a top athlete or the co-host of one of the most well-known British TV shows ever. Not a bad lot, is it?

With that out of the way, why not check out some of the tabs at the top for information on accommodation, the history of the college and more?