Pendle Goes International

As I write in September 2012, 20 Pendle students are spending 3 weeks of the vacation volunteering in India, China and Malaysia. Organised by the Lancaster Students’ Union brilliant Volunteering Unit, they undertook to work on specific projects, be it with young children, the elderly, meeting up with local university students to extend Lancaster’s famous friendship globally, they all share one ambition: to make a difference.

You can see their photos as they post them on our website, and start to decide if next summer you’d like to do something similar. The sooner you decide, and start to gather together understanding, experience and probably some funding, the better!

There will also be opportunities closer to home, to help with Pendle’s long-term Charity: Stepping Stones Nigeria. This works to get abandoned children off the streets, find them a safe environment and proper meals, and give them a school, education. It’s a charity right at Pendle’s heart – children are often abandoned because they’re accused of witchcraft – even tiny babies – and, of course, the history of Pendle is associated with the Lancaster Witch Trials of 1662.

Think you might want to be involved?

Pendle will try to help you with all of these. And when the Pendle student volunteers return, you’ll get to hear from them why you should get involved and how to work with them, if you want to go. They’ll be helping to manage next year’s Pendle volunteers!

Pendle College: it will change your life…


Stepping Stones Nigeria and LUSU Involve

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