Latest News

  • 05/12/2017- Chinese Taster Session for Year 10 scholars

    It was wonderful to see these brilliant teenagers' great interest in learning Chinese for the future!

  • Global Experiences Week

    Lancaster University just organized a Global Experience Week to put the world at our fingertips which was just fabulous! Lancaster University Confucius Institute was really delighted to contribute to this wonderful event and create a chance for more students and staff to have a taste of Chinese culture.

  • Language Partner Event

    Lancaster University Confucius Institute just organized the annual Language Partner event of this year. The purpose of this event is to bring together speakers and learners of Chinese, in the hopes that they will become acquainted and help each other improve in their language learning, both for education, and for fun.

  • We Are Lancaster International Celebration

    To be invited to give a Tai Chi performance in We Are Lancaster International Celebration is a wonderful opportunity to introduce Chinese Martial Art to the public. And we are thrilled by the positive feedback of our audience!

  • Visit by Beijing Language and Culture University

    Beijing Language and Culture University, including their Vice President, Prof. Lijun Dong visited Lancaster University Confucius Institute to discuss current activities and collaboration between Lancaster University and Sheffield University Confucius Institutes and their Chinese partners.

  • The Storey Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony

    Lancaster University Confucius Institute has recently had the pleasure of hosting an Opening Ceremony for an Art exhibition of works by Counsellor Wang Ying, and we were delighted by the success of this event!

  • Chinese Summer School

    The Confucius Institute’s annual Chinese Summer School successfully dropped the curtain today. We are delighted by the wonderfully positive feedback from both groups of learners and their parents!

  • Lancaster University Open Days

    Lancaster University‘s Open Days on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th July were a wonderful opportunity for the Confucius Institute to express ourselves, and we are delighted by the level of interest we gained over both days!

  • Dowdales School China Day

    Our recent China Day in Dowdales School was a great success and we were thrilled by the positive response from teachers and students.

  • Professor Sarah Zhang

    After four years in her position, Co-Director of the Confucius Institute, Professor Sarah Zhang will be leaving Lancaster this month to return to our partner institution, South China University of Technology.