6 June 2017
Lancaster University’s Community Day was a fantastic opportunity for the Confucius Institute to shine, and we were thrilled by the response we had on the day!

We were pleased to be able to put on a number of crowd-pleasing events for visitors to campus throughout the day, including a Lion Dance in Lancaster Square, a Chinese music Sing-along session with help from “More Music Group”, a change for visitors to have their name written in Chinese Characters while enjoying a cup of Chinese tea, and even an afternoon session trying Chinese Dumplings, plus a chance for guests to make their own to take home!

Special thanks must also go to the staff and students of our two Confucius Classrooms in Blackpool, Anchorsholme Academy and Hawes Side Academy. A group of pupils from both schools were invited to perform a wonderful collection of songs, dances, and even acting and a Wu Shu performance. We are delighted that our involvement with both Anchorsholme and Hawes Side has allowed them to show their skills in such an event, and we hope to continue to offer such opportunities to show what we can do in the future.