14 July 2017
Lancaster University‘s Open Days on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th July were a wonderful opportunity for the Confucius Institute to express ourselves, and we are delighted by the level of interest we gained over both days!

This was really an excellent opportunity to encourage a new wave of interest in Chinese. Teachers and staff from the CI operated from a stand in the LICA building, along with the stand for the wider Languages and Cultures department (DeLC), to allow prospective students to gain an understanding of the various degree schemes the Confucius Institute offers. These include Chinese language as a minor, connected as a joint degree with several other subjects, as well as 3 fantastic new degree schemes related to Contemporary China.

In the meantime, one of our martial art teacher, Mr. Lei Zhang, our Tai Chi instructor, gave a wonderful performance of Tai Chi on Bowland Quad, which attracted many interested students and visitors. Many people even took photos of Mr. Zhang and wanted to know more about Tai Chi and its long history.

Sincere thanks must be expressed to the staff of our Confucius Institute for their efforts in this event.  We are so pleased to see so many visitors showed such interest in Chinese Language and Culture. We hope to continue to offer such opportunities for people to understand our work, and help them know more about Chinese culture.