9 August 2017
The Confucius Institute’s annual Chinese Summer School successfully dropped the curtain today. We are delighted by the wonderfully positive feedback from both groups of learners and their parents!

Intended for providing a chance to young learners with little or no prior knowledge of China to get a vivid understanding of Chinese culture, the Chinese Summer School introduces aspects of Chinese culture and basic Chinese language through lessons, songs, crafts and playing games.

Young learners mastered basic Chinese characters and vocabulary including colours, family members, numbers and fruits in our Chinese lessons. We were thrilled by the great creativity shown by the children during their classes on Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting and plate painting- imitating blue and white porcelain.

Meanwhile, keeping expressing their love for Kung Fu Panda and Jackie Chen, one of the most famous Chinese Kung Fu stars, pupils showed great passion towards Chinese martial arts in our Wu Shu class, delivered by our Kung Fu master Mr. Zhang.

The most exciting thing is that not only were many new young friends attracted to our Summer School this year, but also a number of children from previous years signed up again, and made remarkable progress in Chinese. We are truly gratified by this as it shows that our lessons are both interesting and effective, and that we can provide a memorable experience for children to remember.

All these young learners showed both good performance and great creativity during our Chinese Summer School, and some of them even achieved remarkable accomplishment beyond our expectation. We are thrilled by the feedback from pupils expressing their desperate wish to attend our Summer School next year, and parents of young learners said they are really delighted to see their kids being more and more interested in Chinese culture. If you are interested in the next year’s Chinese Summer school, please contact us at ci@lancaster.ac.uk.