How to choose an agency

You’ve been asked to create a poster, brochure or video for your department. Where do you begin?

First of all we recommend you complete our Creative Brief and send this off to at least three of the suppliers in the relevant category (Design, Photography or Video).  When you receive your quotes/proposals we recommend the following ‘next steps'.

Conducting a mini-competition between suppliers is a good way to ensure that you receive the best value for money and that your creative work goes to the most qualified agency for the job. This allows you to request quotes and submissions from all agencies in the appropriate lot (for example ‘video’) to get a better idea of which supplier will be the most appropriate for your project.

For ERDF Projects, please refer to the ERDF Buyer's Guide on the Procurement Buyer's Guide.

When comparing agencies after receiving quotes and submissions, we recommend that your selection is based on the following criteria:

Price / Value for Money (25%)

Whether their quotation is within your budget, or will offer comparatively better or worse value for money than other options.

Account Management / Staffing and Processes (25%)

Your expectations for how they will handle and prioritise your project. These requirements can be variable, and may not be as important for smaller or lower value projects.

Scenario Analysis (50%)

The actual job you wish the supplier to undertake, covering the services you require, the brief, and the methodology to do the work.

These percentages can be refined to suit your individual requirements, but the decision should be made based on a mix of quality and price considerations. For lower value projects, you may wish to reduce Account Management to 15%, and increase Price/Value to 35%.

If you have a budget of over £2,000 for your project, you may also wish to consider creative samples in your decision making.