Web Support

These pages provide technical and non-technical information about the content management system and how the Web team works.

Web Support Contacts

If you are based in an academic department, the first person you should contact for support is your Faculty Web Manager. If you are in Professional Services contact the Communications and Marketing Web Team directly:

Faculty / area Primary Contact
FASS Alison Sharman
FHM Neil Thomason
FST Gordon Chapman-Fox
LUMS Sophia Herbert
Professional Services webmaster@lancaster.ac.uk

Requesting Changes and New Features

Content Changes

With our devolved publishing model, each faculty, department or business unit should be able to make their own content changes. When that is not possible, the central web team can make changes on your behalf.

To request a content change, email webmaster@lancaster.ac.uk giving the following information:

  • the page(s) in question. It's best to give us the URL on the website as that's more precise than "the research page".
  • details of the changes required. These can be typed in the email itself, or provided as Word document attachment for example. 
  • if the change is urgent, please specify that 

Depending on the team's workload, we may batch up changes and do them on a Friday.  Any changes we don't get to may be postponed until the following Friday. 

As you can see, the most expedient way to ensure changes are made speedily is most likely to do them yourself. 

Feature Requests

Requests for new features should initially be directed at the Faculty Web Managers or representatives.  Requests from Professional Services should come via the Communications and Marketing Web Team.

When requesting changes and new features, the more information you can provide the better. We use the information to triage and prioritise your request. 

Information should include:

  • the area of the website in question
  • a description of the change, new feature or improvement
  • the reason for the change, target audience and impact assessment
  • any relevant dates (for example if a change is needed before Clearing)

Where am I in the queue?

We use a Trello board to record our queue of work and we make this information available. For more information about this, see the Trello board page.

Technical Support

The procedure for setting up departmental and professional services web pages within the CMS involves a series of meetings between the Faculty web masters, the central web team and web services (CIS).

If you have a problem relating to T4 Site Manager (CMS) and you cannot find a solution within this section, email the central web team.

Non-Technical Support

If you would like guidance and information on creating or managing content on your website the Communications and Marketing Team can provide support.  The CMS User Handbook provides guidance on writing for the web, sourcing images and commissioning video.  Please email the team if you have a non-technical query or require support.

If you have difficulties changing or creating content within the CMS such as changing page layouts, refreshing content and images etc, please email the Communications and Marketing Team.


Training on the Site Manager CMS is organised through ISS. See the training page for details of scheduled dates.