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| 3 September 2010 | Issue 490

Contents: news; Lancaster in the news; people; notices; what's on; ads


Lancaster shortlisted for University of the Year award

Lancaster has been shortlisted for the University of the Year 2010 Award by the Times Higher Education magazine. The results will be announced in November. Lancaster has also won the Best University Halls award 2010 in the annual National Student Housing Survey of 120 universities and colleges. The award is given to the institution demonstrating the highest levels of student satisfaction amongst residents. Full Story

Changes to Student Learning Support

Following a review about the future operation of the Student Learning and Development Centre (SLDC), the University has decided to move the centrally based services of SLDC to a Faculty based provision for student learning support. The aim is for the Faculty based service to come into operation from October 2010.

Situating student learning support within the Faculties builds on the model of context-relevant support and will strengthen collaborative working between academic staff and the learning support tutors. A Faculty based student learning support service focuses resources on the delivery of student learning support and offers savings in Central Services costs of administration and coordination.

A Student Learning Advisor (SLA) is being appointed for each Faculty:

  • Lancaster University Management School – the SLA commenced their role in August
  • Faculty of Science & Technology/School of Health & Medicine – the SLA is due to take up their role from 10th September.
  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (the appointment is due to be confirmed in September)

Consultation is ongoing between current student learning support staff, senior Faculty staff and the students’ union to finalise arrangements for continued high quality learning support services for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Online resources and further information will be published on the ‘Effective Learning’ web site:

New Employment Policies

Three new employment policies have been agreed between the University and campus trade unions as follows:

  • Grievance procedure
  • Capability procedure
  • Disciplinary procedure

These procedures are more modern and are effective immediately. They replace all former procedures and apply equally to all University staff. The new procedures have been agreed with five principles in mind – simplicity of use, an emphasis on informal resolution of problems prior to the adoption of formal procedures, timeliness and quick response to problems, devolving responsibility, as much as possible, to the first level of supervision and a single, equal treatment of all University staff.

The new procedures can be found on the HR Division’s website. If you have responsibility for people, the HR Division will soon invite you to a briefing/training session to explain the procedures in more detail. The HR Partner team is also available to assist in understanding and applying these procedures.

The University intends to introduce four more new employment policies for Redundancy, Redeployment, Fixed Term Contracts and Dignity at Work (the procedure for dealing with complaints of workplace bullying or harassment). These will also be negotiated and agreed with campus trade unions in the immediate future with a view to their implementation early in the 2010/11 academic year.

Northern Lights in the classroom

A new model created by physicist Dr Jim Wild is bringing the experience of the Northern Lights into the classroom. The “Aurora in a box” which recreates the physics involved in the creation of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, will be used to demonstrate how electrically charged particles in the atmosphere create the spectacle seen at the earth’s poles. Full Story

Car Parking Permits 2010/11

Lancaster University staff MUST select their car parking option through Flexible Benefits by the enrolment deadline of 5.30pm on Friday 10th September. Although there will be no limits on permits during 2010/11, existing University staff will not be able to obtain a parking permit after September 10th unless there is a defined ‘life event’. Flexible Benefits is the only way to apply for a parking permit for University staff on the payroll.

Staff not on a salaried contract with the University need to contact Lilian Rogers in the Car Parking Office in the Security Lodge after Monday 20th September to apply for a parking permit, as they are not eligible for Flexible Benefits.

Please note the following information regarding the application process for parking permits once the choice has been submitted through Flexible Benefits:

  • Annual Staff Permit at £150 - your application will be processed once enrolment closes on September 10th and will be sent to your home address in time for October 1st. Please ensure that HR have up-to-date address details for you by checking your details on Employee Self Service.
  • Staff Car Share Permit – from Monday 20th September you will need to visit the Car Parking Office in Security with all vehicle details and payment to collect your Car Share permit and allocation of free Staff Scratchcards (pro rata for part-time staff).
  • 15 free Staff Scratchcards for walking, cycling or motorcycling commuters - from Monday 20th September you will need to visit the Car Parking Office in Security with vehicle details to collect your free scratchcards (pro rata for part-time staff).
  • SN Permit – you will need to present satisfactory medical evidence at the Car Parking Office, Security after September 20th.
  • Note that one of the above options must first be submitted on Flexible Benefits to proceed.

Parking Scratchcards – from October 1st the current one-day parking scratchcard will become the new Staff Scratchcard, valid only in the Staff Zone. A new one-day Visitor Scratchcard is available from Security, valid only in Visitor Zones. Both scratchcards will cost £5 each. During September it will be possible for departments to trade in existing scratchcards for the new Visitor Scratchcard at no extra charge at the Car Parking Office, Security. If traded in after September 30th then a £2 charge per scratchcard will be made as the new £5 charge will be in force.

New Travel & Car Parking Policy for 2010/11

Visit Days

On Wednesday 25th August the UK Student Recruitment and Outreach office organised the first Visit Day of the year. Due to Lancaster’s rise in the league tables there was an increase of 30% in bookings with 6,500 people booked to attend. The day was a great success, thanks to all those who took part and will be helping again on September 18th for the second Visit Day.

Feedback from the event is extremely positive with 65.3% saying they would apply to Lancaster.

UKSRO has arranged for 180 year 12 students from St Wilfrids Sixth Form, Blackburn, to visit campus today (Friday). They will be working with staff and current students to find out more about university life, applying to university and honing their team building and communication skills. In October there will be a visit by 25 Asian girls from a community group called Young Aawaz in Accrington. The girls all aged between 17 – 21, are the first in their families to consider entering Higher education.

Lancaster Environment Centre hosts meeting on ozone depletion and increased UV radiation

LEC is hosting a meeting of more than 40 scientists from 20 countries who will produce a report summarising the effects of stratospheric ozone depletion- the hole in the ozone layer. Professor Nigel Paul is co-chair of the UNEP Environmental Effects Assessment Panel and during the meeting will welcome the chief executive of the UN Ozone Secretariat Marco Gonzalez to Lancaster. Full Story.

Lancaster in the news

Lancaster in the news - The Press Office monitors all media coverage and this is a selection of stories from the past week including Professor Paul Farley (English & Creative Writing) who presented the documentary ‘We Are the Egg Men’ on BBC Radio 4 on Thursday 19th August, (radio choice/pick of the day in the Independent, the Daily Telegraph, the Times, the Daily Mail, Independent on Sunday, Sunday Telegraph, and Observer), and Professor Linda Woodhead, also on Radio 4.


Professor Brian Wynne (Cesagen), has been awarded the prestigious J D Bernal Prize for his distinguished contribution to the social studies of science.

Professor John Goodacre (SHM) has been appointed to the NIHR Clinical Research Network Workforce Development Strategy Group, which has been set up by the Department of Health to develop strategy and planning for building a research workforce across the country as part of the National Institute of Health Research.

Dr Agata Fijalkowski (Law) travelled to Warsaw during August, with support from FASS, to carry out research on de-communisation measures in Poland. This work is part of an ongoing project on transitional justice in the region.

Lancaster University Centre for Mobility Research (CeMoRe) Research Associate Dr Thomas Birtchnell has been awarded a Research Council UK-India (RCUKI) Early Career Researchers’ Grant to present his work in India at the Transportation as a Lifeline of Development conference ( organised by the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic, and Mobility (T2M) to be held in Delhi at India’s National Rail Museum in December.

Last summer 11 members of the CIS team in ISS began a challenge to raise at least £1000 pounds for Cancer Research UK. Since then they have been training in all weathers to undertake one of 4 gruelling physical challenges centred on the shores of Windermere on Saturday 18th September 2010. The challenges are canoeing 35 miles, cycling 100 miles, running 45 miles and swimming 10 miles. The team includes Andrew Black, Mark Bryson, Byron Ellershaw, Tracey Friday, David Harrison, Nicola Openshaw, Damon Oram, Nat Wallbank, David Wilson, Lee Ashworth and Malcolm Baldwin. If successful they will cover 580 miles (933 km) in total. To make a donation and read more about the team and their chosen challenge please go to:

Professor Roger Jones (Physics) was elected Chair of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid Collaboration Board in July. The WLCG is a collaboration of 175 universities and research labs worldwide who link their computing resources in arguably the largest computing grid in the world.

Andy Harrod (Postgraduate Admissions) is running the Great North Run on September 19th for the charity MIND. To sponsor Andy visit his sponsorship page


New policy for coach and private bus service stops and coach parking

Anyone arranging coach visits or private buses to visit campus should read the following new policy and communicate the information with coach drivers.

New On-Line Approvals Process for Staff Appointments

This new process replaces the existing paper-based arrangements (“Form 6” and “Form 9”) and will deliver on-line efficiencies including the ability to monitor the progress of individual requests throughout the approval chain.

All new Requests to Appoint should be processed through the on-line system, however, any paper forms currently in train will be completed using the existing process. To access the on-line system please log in using your windows username and password by clicking on the following link. Details of how to use the system can be found here, or within the system help can be accessed by clicking the user guidance link on the left hand menu.

If you need help either accessing or using the system please contact Ruth Fielding on ext. 93087.

University Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme – significant change for new UK students starting in 2011

The Undergraduate scholarship scheme for new UK students starting in 2011 who make the University a firm choice AND meet the specified scholarship grades (currently 3A’s or equivalent, which may include specified subjects) will change significantly. These students will soon be applying and visiting on open days.

Currently for 2010 entry this UG scholarship is available for 3 or 4 years of study depending on the length of the course. For new UK students meeting the scheme criteria in 2011 the scholarship will instead ONLY be available in the FIRST YEAR of study. Please note this is a variation to the scholarship award scheme details which are printed on pp158-159 of the 2011 entry UG prospectus. (these pages state the scheme may be subject to change.) For updated web information please see:

Declaration of philanthropic income 0910

The University’s HEFCE matched funding claim is currently being prepared. The matched funding scheme allows the University to receive £1 for every £3 donated, up to a maximum of £2.75m over the 3-year period of the scheme – the matched funds are being used to finance the new PhD studentships being introduced this academic year. In order to ensure that the HEFCE claim is correct, please could you ensure that the Alumni & Development Office has been informed of any income your area has received in the financial year 1 August 2009 to 31 July 2010, that you believe may be philanthropic (e.g. grants or donations). If you are unsure as to whether some income can be classed as philanthropic, please let us know and we can review the details to determine if it can be included in the claim. More details about the matched funding scheme are available here. Deadline for receipt of this information is Friday 1 October 2010 in order that we can process the claim in time. Please contact either: Rachel Davis / ext.94897 or Katharine Robinson in Finance / ext. 93424.

RES office move

Part of the Research and Enterprise Services Division has temporarily vacated its premises in Bowland Tower South to allow short-term building works to proceed. The Contracts Office, Project Support Unit, IP Commercialisation, Strategic Relationships team and the RES Director have all relocated to the Gordon Manley building in LEC for the time being. The RSO and KBC staff are not affected by this move. All telephone numbers remain the same.

Green Communication

In the continuing drive to reduce the University’s carbon footprint, ISS have now made high definition video conference calling available in FASS, LUMS and LEC. The mobile video conference is easy to set up and with an intuitive interface it’s easy to use too. The mobile video conferencing facilities are available to all staff and can be booked via the ISS Service Desk or alternatively, through the JVCS Booking Service. So, if you want to do your bit to be green, avoid travelling and save your department money, this is the perfect way to do so. For more information see:

Harassment Network

The Harassment Network provides confidential support for any student or staff member who feels they are being harassed or bullied. Contact the network by e-mail at or see for a list of network members who can be contacted by phone.

Bus news

    Free / Subsidised annual Staff Unirider bus passes

    These are still available through Flexible Benefits until September 10th. Applicants should visit the LUSU Information Desk in Slaidburn House from September 20th to collect their bus pass.

    Please note that staff who apply for the subsidised bus pass will not be entitled to any allocation of free parking scratchcards due to the substantial subsidy cost to the University of providing the cheap bus pass.

    NEW express bus service for staff living in Morecambe & Heysham

    Service X22 has now launched offering a high-speed express link between Morecambe, Heysham and the University via the Heysham Bypass at commuter times. View the timetable.

    New bus timetables
    2, 2A, X2, new X22 commuter express from Morecambe & Heysham
    3, 3A, 4, N1, X1
    40, 41 Preston via Garstang (operates with fleet of brand new double deckers)
    42 Blackpool via Garstang (now serving underpass)

    North Drive temporary bus stop

    The temporary bus stop on North Drive will be introduced in time for Freshers’ Week in early October. Buses are not currently stopping on North Drive due to the temporary closure of the pedestrian crossing and adjacent footway to enable works on the new LICA building to be completed.

    Male staff bus commuter wanted

    A male member of staff who regularly commutes to work by bus as their main mode of commuter travel is wanted for a photograph for an advert to appear on the back of three buses in the area to promote Lancaster University supporting local bus services and subsidising staff annual bus passes. We have a female volunteer and are now looking for a male volunteer. If you are male, usually commute to work by bus and would like to see yourself on the back of a bus please contact Philip Longton.

Newsletters on progress of construction projects

Sports Centre, LICA Building, Alexandra Square & Underpass Rejuvenation Project.

Sports Centre Services – Digging on Rossendale Avenue

The work being carried out to connect the services for the new sports centre will continue w/c 6th September up Rossendale Avenue (the new road to the LICA building). Following that the ground work will then move onto digging for the gas route in the soft landscaping on north west drive.

FREE Pre-Pass Driving Support Scheme (PPSS)

Lancashire County Council has spaces on its FREE Pre-pass Driving Support Scheme (PPSS), for parents/friends/relatives or anyone who takes a Learner driver out for extra practice sessions. There are spaces available on Saturday 11th September and Saturday 9th October 2010. The course is free of charge and will take place at the training centre in Leyland. For more information click here.


For a full list of all items submitted for What's On, please see Events.

Pakistan Floods Fundraising Gig

Members of the Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research and the Department of Applied Social Science are collaborating with the Abaseen Trust to raise funds for the flood victims of Pakistan. A night of folk and blues featuring local musicians, The Moll Baxter Band and The Swarm, will be held at the Bowling Green Pub, Scotforth from 8.00pm on Saturday September 11th. Tickets (£15) can be ordered directly from the Abaseen website or from James Fraser, Glebe Cottage, Queen's Road Kendal, LA9 4PL, or phone 01539 734102 or 07881 886065.

ICT Focus PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner courses

ICT Focus is running PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner courses 20th-24th September.

Professional & Leadership Development

There are still a few places left on the following programmes coming up in September

Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT)

Applications are now being invited for:


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