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| 8 October 2010 | Issue 495

Contents: news; Lancaster in the news; people; notices; what's on; ads

Professor Nigel Whiteley

The arrangements for Professor Nigel Whiteley’s funeral have been made for Thursday 14th October at Lancaster crematorium at 3.30pm, and then at the Midland Hotel for afternoon tea in the Eric Gill Suite. His wife and family wish to extend their warm invitation to all those who knew Nigel. Please respond to Diane Hill if you want to attend, and if you wish to go to the Midland Hotel afterwards. Family flowers only please. His family also wish to say how touched and greatly comforted they have been by the thoughts and good wishes of Nigel’s friends and colleagues.


Lancaster Partners receive Nobel Prize

Scientists who work closely with Lancaster University physicists have won the Nobel Prize for Physics. Professors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov at Manchester University won the 2010 Nobel Prize in recognition of their groundbreaking experiments with graphene, a two-dimensional material which has the potential to change the world around us. The discoveries by Geim and Novoselov have created a fast growing field of materials science research and nanotechnology. Lancaster University involvement in Graphene research is focused on developing theory of electronic properties of this new material and modelling graphene-based electronic devices. Initiated by Vladimir Falko, Edward McCann and Vadim Cheianov, it has resulted in a discovery, by the Lancaster-Manchester collaboration, of unique electronic properties of bilayer graphene, and it substantially contributed towards understanding electronic properties of monolayer graphene. Graphene effort at Lancaster is receiving over £1m EPSRC-HEFCE funding, as part of a £5m Science & Innovation Award 'Maximising the Impact of Graphene Research on Innovation' shared with Manchester University and the joint Manchester-Lancaster Northwest Nanoscience Doctoral Training Centre (NOWNANO), and, in 2010, it has been boosted by €400k of the European Commission funding in the targeted project ‘ConceptGraphene’.

Staff and students walk their way to wellbeing

Staff and students at Lancaster University have been pounding the pavements, fields and parks around Lancashire for the last 111 days in a bid to become healthier and happier. The Global Corporate Challenge asks participants around the world to clip on a pedometer and walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day for 16 weeks. According to the GCC, the average worker walks around 3,500 steps a day, well below the 10,000 steps recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to improve their health and reduce the risks of disease. Full story

Help reduce energy consumption

Last year the University reduced its energy consumption by 5%. This year the University has set a target to reduce its energy consumption by a further 5% by August 2011. To achieve this target we need your help. We have recently installed electricity, gas, heat and water meters in every building on campus to help us learn more about our consumption and identify the areas we need to focus on in order to reduce utility costs.

Obviously each department has different needs for gas, electricity and water depending on the work it is carrying out so consumption levels vary enormously from one building to another. However there is no doubt there are still simple ways we can be reducing usage from turning radiators down to ensuring lights and computers are switched off when not in use.

We are now able to produce monthly consumption tables to show this data, you can view this on the Facilities website.

Enterprising Universities

Professor Trevor McMillan was senior author on a new 1994 Group report about the value added to business by university research, released this week. Following Business Secretary Vince Cable’s recent speech on the future of government funding for science, research and innovation, the 1994 Group is urging the Government to take note of the clear upward trend in the amount of research that UK universities have conducted in collaboration with business and in turn how that has added value to the business. The report ‘Enterprising Universities: Using the research base to add value to business’ found that a large and growing number of university-led research projects include commercial partners from the outset. Collaborative research income across the university sector rose from £600m to £732m in the past five years. To view the report follow the link

Environment Centre Launches Business Breakfast Club

The Lancaster Environment Centre at Lancaster University is launching a free breakfast club for local businesses. From Thursday, 21st October 2010, the club will meet every 6 weeks and will include guest speakers, networking opportunities and one-to-one support from business advisers. LEC Business Breakfast Club is open to environmental companies, businesses seeking innovative environmental solutions, researchers and owner managers in the North West working in the environmental sector. Full story

Bicycle Politics workshop

A Bicycle Politics workshop hosted by the Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe), and held in the Institute for Advanced Studies attracted participants from all over the world. The two-day workshop, organised by Dr Dave Horton from LEC and Dr Aurora Trujillo of Reading University, aimed to promote cycling as a way of changing society and supplanting the car. It included cycling activists, students and academics, transport planners, cycle trainers and bike co-op members. The 12 presentations included John Stehlin from the University of California at Berkeley on cycling in the USA; Esther Anaya, a bicycle consultant from Barcelona, on public bike hire schemes and cycling historian Andrew Millward on cyclists’ battle for recognition in the pre- war years. ore/event/3299/, report/

Lancaster in the news

Contributions to the media this week include Professor Hans Gellersen and PhD Student Dominik Schmidt (School of Computing and Communications) who were featured in Technology Review and the Financial News USA about their research on identifying different users (via mobile phones) on tabletop touch screens. Chris Saunders (LUMS) is also quoted about business students and public sector cuts in The Independent. Follow link to see a list of people in the news.


Dr Paul Iganski (Applied Social Science) gave a keynote presentation at the Belfast Unite Against Hate Convention at Belfast City Hall this week. The presentation, entitled ‘Understanding the harms of hate crime’, followed speeches by the Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Ford and Robin Newton, Junior Minister in the Northern Ireland Office of First and Deputy First Minister.

Professor Bob Jessop (Sociology) gave the opening keynote address at an International Symposium on "The Regulation of Competition: The Case of Asian Capitalism" in Dublin on 30 September. The symposium was co-convened by the Asia Pacific Business Group, Department of Business, Law and Taxation, Monash University, Melbourne Australia and University College Dublin School of Law, Dublin, Ireland. His topic was "Varieties of Capitalism and their Legal Regulation, Variegated Capitalism and its Meta-Governance At the same symposium, Dr Ngai-Ling Sum (Politics, Philosophy, Religion) delivered a paper on 'The Cultural Political Economy of Competitiveness and Competition Law in Asia', drawing on her own work and the approach being developed at the Cultural Political Economy Research Centre, Lancaster.


Phone books

The distribution of the 10/11 Internal Phone Book will begin next week. The distribution will take place over a couple of days. If additional copies are required please request them from switchboard. If too many copies are received please return them via the porters.

Recycling arrangements are in place at the following points:

Please return all 09/10 phone books and any previous years copies so they can be recycled. There will be three collections with the last being 3rd November. This is a special collection as the phone book cannot be sent with normal recycling.

Update to the Rules of the University

Staff should note that the rules governing the use of ICT at the University have been updated. The new Computer User Agreement (CUA) can be found in Appendix C on pages 36 & 37 of the Rules. Guidelines on what the CUA means for you can be found on the ISS web site at

Free Health Checks for Men

University staff are being offered free life-style health checks for men on Thursday 21 October from 11am to 2pm in Furness College Foyer. Includes height, weight and blood pressure checks. No appointment is needed. This initiative is being delivered in partnership with North Lancashire NHS, Lancaster City Council and Lancaster District Social Strategic Partnership.

Steps Winter 2010 - Articles Required for Lancaster’s Alumni magazine

The Alumni Office are seeking articles/information for inclusion in the next edition of Steps. Contact Sally Nelhams if there is anything your department is doing that may be of interest to our alumni e.g. research/projects/staff and student profiles and general interest stories.

PDF versions of Steps are available via this link. Steps will be mailed to 65,000 alumni worldwide before Christmas and provides a great opportunity for you to showcase your department’s work.

Access disruption next to Library

From Thursday 14th October pm, access between Alexandra Square and the walkway next to the Library will be intermittent due to essential contractor works. Signage will be in place to direct people as necessary. Facilities apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Announcement from the Timetabling & Room Booking Team

The web room booking system is now available to staff and students off-campus. Users will be asked to log on to the system with their university windows username and password. Once this has been entered the system will be available for use as normal.

Important information about Visitor Parking, signs and payment machines – staff are reminded that from October 1st visitors are only permitted to park in the designated visitor parking spaces and not in staff or student parking areas. A plan of the new parking zones can be viewed here.

Parking Signs – most of the signs have now been changed. This includes changing the Staff Preference and Staff Standard signs into ‘Staff Zone’. Miscellaneous redundant parking signs have been removed. Other miscellaneous parking signs will be modified as soon as possible.

Road markings – New visitor parking areas will not be marked on the ground but will have signs at the entrances to Visitor Zones and within the areas themselves. Existing visitor parking road markings outside the Management School and InfoLab21 will be removed as these areas will be part of the Staff Zone. See Parking Zones Map. Temporary signs will be in place in these areas until the visitor parking markings have been removed to help avoid confusion.

Parking machines – New tariffs commenced on October 1st. Parking machines located in areas other the Visitor Zone have been taken out of the use. This is because pay & display tickets and Visitor Scratchcards are now only valid in the Visitor Zones. The remaining 4 machines (Bowland Avenue South, Bowland Avenue East, Farrer Avenue and Management School (SW Drive for Gillow Avenue Visitor Zone) have been reprogrammed to the new tariffs. These are £2 for up to 2 hours or £5 for up to 10 hours. Charges only apply Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00.

A total of 8 new parking machines will be installed in late October. These will replace any existing machines in the new Visitor Zones and ensure that at least one machine is provided in each Visitor Zone on campus. The new machines will enable payment by coin or by card (chip & pin). Until these new machines are in place, it will be necessary to pay the £5 fee by either coin or by purchasing a one-day Visitor Scratchcard from Security, also £5. Note that the current yellow scratchcard is now a Staff Scratchcard and no longer valid in the Visitor Zone. A separate green scratchcard is available for visitors valid only in the Visitor Zone.

New Visitor Paypoint Information signs will be provided at each machine location once the new machines are installed.

Wheelclamping – a temporary freeze is in place for the non-display of a correct permit during Freshers’ Week. Wheelclamping for such offences will recommence on Monday 11th October on the main campus. A new wheelclamp release fee of £75 is in place with clamping occurring at the first offence with no other warnings given. Payment must now be made in full prior to wheelclamp release. A card payment facility is now in place at Security Reception.

New Travel & Car Parking Policy for 2010/11.

Bus News

New temporary bus stop on North Drive

A new temporary bus stop has been introduced on North Drive by the zebra crossing. Buses X1, 2, 2A and 42 will be stopping here on route to the underpass. The introduction of this temporary bus stop had been delayed to allow works on the LICA building that affected North Drive to be completed.

New X22 express commuter service from Morecambe and Heysham

This new service significantly speeds up bus commuting times from Morecambe and Heysham using the Heysham Bypass. See here for the X22 timetable.

Bargain Commuter bikes from Green Lancaster

Green Lancaster is now selling brand new hybrid bikes for just £150. The ‘Barrosa Milan’ is the ideal bike for getting around the Lancaster area, and exploring the many kilometres of traffic free cycle routes. The bike comes complete with mudguards and a rack – perfect for carrying luggage whatever the weather! The bike is available in men’s and women’s style in a variety of sizes. There are also a number of accessories available at low prices – to enable you to make the most of your bike as soon as possible. To try out one of the bikes, please call into Green Lancaster (on the spine next to the venue cafe) or email/call Darren Axe on 01524593681

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

Are you thinking about going to Germany to study or for research, on a study trip with your students or want to invite a German guest lecturer? Then get your funding from the DAAD. The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) promotes international academic relations and co-operation, particularly through exchange programmes for students and academic staff. DAAD grants are available to academic staff and students in the UK for participating in a wide variety of academic programmes. To find out more about funding possibilities and programmes, come to the DAAD info session on Monday, 18th October 2010, 6 p.m. in Bowland North SR 2 or contact Judith Menzel ( at DELC.

Visitor Rooms

Visitor rooms are now run via the Conference Centre. Single en-suite, £35.00 per person per night, this includes accommodation, breakfast, a towel, tea and coffee pack, toiletry pack, and a car parking permit. Twin en-suite, £41.14 per room per night, on a bed & breakfast basis. A self-catering weekly rate is £125.00 for a single en-suite room. This includes accommodation, linen, towels, catering equipment, and the use of a kitchen. Please note that car parking permits are not included within this rate. Rates are VAT free for all internal departments and students. Contact on tel-592899 or fax - 843695, for further information.

Conference Centre October offers

Book by 1st November 2010 to take advantage of these offers.


For a full list of all items submitted for What's On, please see Events.

Autumn Season from the Ruskin Library

The Ruskin Library and Research Centre is running a series of events, exhibitions and public lectures beginning this Autumn. “The People's Gothic: Craftsmanship and Artistry in the North West features photographs of church and secular buildings in the North West and explores Ruskin's definition of Gothic and its links to the Arts and Craft Movement. It runs until 25 October at Lancaster University Library. On 18 November, Professor Robert Hewison (City University London) will deliver The Mikimoto Memorial Ruskin Lecture at 6.00 pm (Management School Lecture Theatre 1): 'No wealth but life': Ruskin and Cultural Value. The lecture is open to all and will be followed by a wine reception.

Also launching this Autumn is “Objects of Curious Virtue: Echoes of John Ruskin”, at the Ruskin Library (9 October to 12 December 2010), an exhibition by Leeds School of Design lecturer and artist David Walker Barker. On 14 October at 5 pm in the Ruskin Library, he will give a tour for the weekly Ruskin Seminar, and explain his interest in Ruskin as a collector of minerals. This will be followed at 6 pm by a Private View of the exhibition, with refreshments. Further details

Jewish Society events

Lancaster and Lakes Jewish Community will be joining with Lancaster University Jewish Society to run a series of Friday lunchtime Bagel Brunches in the Jewish Rooms, open to all Jewish staff, students and friends, plus anyone with Jewish heritage, or with an interest in Judaism. 1 p.m. on Fridays 15th October, 22nd October and 29th October in the first instance. RSVP or just turn up.And please visit the Jsoc stall at Freshers Fair on Thursday 7th October.

Organisation and Educational Development

Professional and Leadership Development would like to highlight some essential PDR training happening soon:

For full programme descriptions and details of how to book please visit the following link or email


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