Cashiers & Financial Accounting

The key services provided by the Cashiers and Financial Accounting team are:


Counter opening times are 9.00 to 16.30 Monday to Friday.

The role of the Cashiers Section is to process payments received by the University and the administration of Petty Cash and Cash Advances.

Financial Accounting

The provision of statutory accounts, observance, compliance and notification of financial protocols and other financial services such as VAT.

Contact Details

Team Leader Tina Bleasdale 01524 594477
Supervisor Cashiers: Deborah Pepper 01524 594978
Assistant - Cashiers: Michelle Hutton 01524 593316
Assistant - Cashiers: Josh Brockbank 01524 592447
Assistant - Cashiers: Cath Shaw 01524 592048 (term time only)

e mail

Assistant - Financial Accounting: Luke Gacesa 01524 592078
Assistant - Financial Accounting: Maria Hurst 01524 592263
Assistant - Financial Accounting: Gemma Taylor 01524 592270

Cashiers - A Floor, University House

Financial Accounting - B Floor, University House LA1 4YW

Phone No: 01524 593316

Fax No: 01524 843087


Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in these pages, Finance wishes to emphasise that the contents contained are regularly reviewed and are naturally subject to change from time to time as required. It is the responsibility of the user/reader to check the accuracy of relevant facts with the appropriate department before entering any financial or other commitment based upon them.


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