Contacting the Finance Division

Finance queries should be directed to any of the following members of staff either by e-mail or phone:-

Name Phone Email
Sarah Randall-Paley, Director of Finance 94977 s.randall-paley
Peter Fielding, Deputy Director of Finance 94161 p.fielding
Kathleen Parker, Divisional Assistant (Monday - Thursday) 92180 finance-divisonalassistant or k.parker
Tina Bleasdale, Team Leader for Cashiers and Financial Accounting 94477 t.bleasdale
Deborah Pepper, Supervisor 94978 d.pepper
Zara Ashworth, Assistant 94293 zara.ashworth
Luke Gacesa , Assistant 92078 l.gacesa
Maria Hurst, Assistant 92447 m.hurst
Michelle Hutton , Assistant 93316 michelle.hutton
Vicki Lawrence, Assistant 92263 v.lawrence
Gemma Taylor, Assistant maternity leave g.taylor
Paul Farley, Senior Accountant 92731 p.farley
Helen Hudson , Accountant 92695 h.hudson
Katharine Robinson, Team Leader for Budget Support, 93424 k.robinson
Richard Clarke, Assistant 94301 r.clarke4
Leanne Fairgrieve, Assistant (Monday-Weds) 94934 l.fairgrieve
Sarah Harrison, Assistant 93423 s.harrison
Matthew Ireland, Assistant (Weds & Thursday) 94301 m.ireland
Anthony Makinson, Assistant 92359 a.makinson
Karen Taylor, Assistant 93423 k.taylor1
Amanda Westwell, Financial Planning & Budget Support Administrator 92252 a.westwell
Christine Harwood, Project Accountant (Mon-Thurs) 92086 c.harwood
Sarah Harding , Assistant (Mon-Weds) 92149 s.harding
Helen Edge, Team Leader for Credit Control 92262 h.edge
Jo Brown, Assistant 94915 j.brown8
Donna Cornall, Assistant 92050 d.cornall
Oksana Kotter, Assistant maternity leave o.kotter
Donna Power, Assistant (Weds - Friday) 92050 d.m.power
Lynn Whittle, Assistant (Monday - Thursday) 92051 l.whittle
Naomi Elliott, Systems Accountant 94775 n.elliott
Denise Wright, Faculty Finance Partner FASS/FHM 92137 d.wright
Keri Brown, Assistant maternity leave k.brown2
Lorraine Chinnery, Assistant 92628 l.chinnery
Dawn Diaz, Assistant 92299 d.diaz
Sharon Jennings, Assistant 92157 s.jennings1
Patrica Soria Conego, Assistant 92081 p.soriaconego
Maureen Worthington, Assistant 92049 m.worthington
Ros Borlase, Faculty Finance Partner LUMS 10696 r.borlase
Matthew Ireland, Assistant (Monday, Tuesday, Friday) 10697 m.ireland
Katherine Gill, Faculty Finance Partner FST 94635 katherine.gill
Hilary Holt, Head of Procurement 92076 h.holt
Paul Carter, Senior Buyer 93364 p.carter
Angela Wearden, Senior Buyer (Monday, Thursday & Friday) 94087 a.wearden
Linda Wardle, Operational Procurement Manager 94768 l.wardle
Julie Austin , Procurement Systems Administrator 92913 julie.austin
Jonathan Dutton, Procurement Assistant 93567 j.dutton
Susan Flynn, Procurement Supervisor 93574 s.flynn
Amanda Fryers, Senior Procurement Assistant, (Tuesday - Friday) 94499 a.fryers
Alison Hamilton, Assistant 10715 a.hamilton
Sue Harpin , Senior Procurement Assistant 94494 s.harpin
Margaret Haynes, Assistant 92260 m.haynes
Val Perry, Purchasing Administrator, (Monday - Thursday) 92777 v.perry
Suzanne Pritchard, Procurement Assistant 92077 a.pritchard
Lesley Suart, Procurement Assistant 92080 l.suart
Rashmita Vegad, Procurement Assistant 93553 r.vegad
Lynne Wilson, Senior Procurement Assistant, (Monday - Wednesday) 94974 l.e.wilson
Janet Wood, Accounts Payable Supervisor 94142 j.e.wood
Richard Gnosill, Assistant 94038 r.gnosill
Amran Ghoni, Travel Advisor 93186 a.ghoni
Jill Sanctuary, Travel Advisor 94880 j.sanctuary
Amy Faloone, Travel Administrator 92082 a.faloone
Viv Tabner, Travel Administrator 92065 v.tabner
Graham Winwood, Travel Administrator 92065 g.winwood
All e mail addresses for the above are followed by

Postal Address

University House,
Lancaster University,
Lancs. LA1 4YW

Lancaster University
LancasterLA1 4YW United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1524 65201