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Users of Screen Readers

"Skip Navigation" links have been provided at the top of each page to allow screen readers to pass over repetitive menus and should take you directly to the page content.

Mouse Alternatives

You should be able to access all links using the tab key. Please report faults or illogical sequencing to Helen Ratcliffe

Customising Web Pages

If you have dyslexia, colour blindness or low vision, you can alter your browser settings to suit your needs. You can change the colour of the text and background and enlarge or reduce the size of the font. You can also remove the "style" specified by the web designer.

Follow the instructions below or download them in Word.

Changing Text Size

In Internet Explorer or Navigator, select View, Text Size.

Change the text size as required. You may need to click the "refresh" button.

Changing Text and Background Colours

Restore Default Settings

Return your browser to its default settings by checking Use Windows colours, click on OK. Click on Accessibility and uncheck Ignore colours

Removing the Page Style

Adding a Customised Style Sheet

You can replace the web page style with your own by following the steps above and by also selecting "Format Documents Using My Style Sheet". You will need to create your own style sheet file and store it on your computer hard drive.

General Advice for Disabled I.T. users

A Disabilities Advisor is available for consultation on other I.T. matters. Please contact:

Heath Boffey,
Library & Information Systems Building,
Tel: 01524594011.

Disabilities Service

General advice for disabled students is available at:

Lancaster University
LancasterLA1 4YW United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1524 65201