Interviewing Candidates From Abroad

If you have shortlisted candidates from abroad please consider the use of Video or Telephone Conferencing. This will avoid the expense of flying candidates here, remembering that travel expenses incurred outside the UK will be borne by the employing Department.

Video Conferencing

This can be arranged if the candidate has access to such facilities at their institution -or can hire them but the cost of hire may run to hundreds of pounds.

In scheduling an interview, thought needs to be given to international time zone differences.

As University facilities are housed in the Library, the appointing panel will convene there. Please contact the ISS Service Desk who can facilitate this.

Telephone conferencing

Alternatively, if the candidate does not have access to Video Conferencing it may be possible to set up a telephone conference.

Again time differences need to be taken into consideration.


These alternative forms of interview must be undertaken in accordance with the code of practice on recruitment and selection. The full appointing panel should be involved in the process, the interview based on the person specification and consistent in content and format with other candidates, the assessment and recording completed as normal.

One potential issue is how to conduct remote assessment exercises or activities, such as presenting research or a report or teaching a group that may form part of the selection process. Candidates must be considered on a consistent basis. If arrangements cannot be made, in some cases it may be sensible to use a conferencing interview as a screening process which could lead to an invitation to Lancaster for a full interview and assessment activity.

Interview Expenses

Please note that flights / ferry fares etcetera from outside the UK are paid from the recruiting Department's budget - there is no central fund.

HR will pay for interview expenses from the (air)port of entry and we will expect the candidate to use public transport to the University, and reimburse at these rates. We will also pay for overnight accommodation if necessary.

Last updated Jun 2009 (Kate Jenner)
Review Date Jun 2014

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