Named Appointments

The University is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity in recruitment supported by processes that follow good practice. It also seeks to promote diversity and redress imbalances in the composition of its workforce through open advertisement and competition for vacant posts. There are however exceptional circumstances when it may be appropriate not to advertise. The circumstances are limited and each case will be considered and determined on its own merits. The categories where exemption may be appropriate are : -

As part of an agreed department re-structuring

As part of an agreed career development plan

Where recent (usually within 6 months) open advertisement has failed to result in filling a vacant post

Where a researcher is named on a successful research proposal - it must be noted that evidence of obtaining a post in open competition is a pre-requisite for consideration at other stages of an employee's career eg transfer from a fixed term to indefinite appointment. The expectation is therefore that the named appointment route is used where appointee have already be through an open competition.

At professorial level where the University creates an opening specifically to attract an eminent person who is not 'on the market'.

Named appointment activity will be monitored on a regular basis by the Director of HR.

Details of the correct contractual arrangements can be found here

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