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Self-operation editing

LUTV has 5 digital non-linear edit suites, a 20 position computer lab (for single person use) and a linear tape-to-DVD cutting suite.

The digital non-linear suites provide a powerful and creative programme making facility, for LUTV's in-house producers, and for students on courses with a practical TV production component. Edited material can be 'outputted' to videotape, or it can be coded for 'web video', CD-ROM or DVD.

Editing footage

The tape-to-DVD edit suite (VHS and SVHS format) can be used to compile 'clips' and re-edit footage. This is typically used for quickly editing from old 'off-air' programmes. These facilities can be booked with an operator, or for self-operation, in most cases.

Copyright regulations must be adhered too when editing any material. More information about ERA licence restrictions is available here.