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Camcorder loan service

LUTV operates a Camcorder Loan Service for staff and students, where self-shot recordings are required to support degree course work.

For staff, typically, these may take the form of a recording of a presentation, or of interviews with staff or students.

The camcorders are simple to operate and guidance on use is provided when you collect the camcorder. If the material to be recorded is likely to need copying or editing, you should inform LUTV at the time of booking as additional instruction may be needed or alternative equipment may be required.

Camcorder loan service

For students who are producing video programmes as part of a practical element of their course (e.g. LICA students or Film Studies), LUTV run, Production Skills Workshops in collaboration with the relevant academic departments.

No charge is made for the loan of camcorders for student academic projects or for departmental use, excluding research projects. Contact LUTV for details for research use of a camcorder. Students wishing to borrow a camcorder, usually need to collect a form from LUTV, which must then be signed by their course tutor to confirm that it is being used in support of their coursework. All tapes and media used are chargeable. See below for payment details.

All departmental payments must be made via an Internal Requisition or journal transfer. Student payment for tapes, (if not covered by the appropriate department) is via an on-line system. The booking form contains more details. For any department, delivery and or setting up of a camcorder by LUTV, is chargable. Contact LUTV for details.