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Coding and transferring to DVD

DVD provides good pictures and sound quality, together with a robust replay format. However, the quality of any replay format is only as good as the quality of the original - from both a technical and creative standpoint.

Our programmes are shot and edited on professional digital formats. This ensures good quality when coded and transferred to DVD in our own edit suite.

An additional advantage of producing on DVD is its interactive capabilities.

LUTV can produce and code material in modular format for
greater flexibility - including training and promotional 'videos'.

Web Video

Lancaster University, together with its faculties and departments has websites that inform prospective students and organisations about courses and services provided by the University.

Producing and coding web video and audio modules

LUTV can produce and code video and audio modules for incorporating into websites to improve their effectiveness.

These could take the form of 'video tours', featuring the campus, or short 'interviews' with students and staff.

We can provide coded 'web video' files for streaming via the University's media streaming server, or for inclusion on YouTube at high quality.

LUTV's video library holds a large stock of archive high quality footage of the University and local area. If you would like to find out more about the creative use of audio and video in websites, on DVD, video files and even in PowerPoint presentations contact -