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November 2010


Alex Hamilton: The Glenfinlas Cyanotypes (accompanies exhibition : Sensorium: Pictures from Nature's Laboratory )


Chris Orr’s John Ruskin (with ‘History is a dead liberty’) (2004)  


David Walker Barker; Objects of Curious Virtue: Echoes of John Ruskin
David Walker Barker: Objects of Curious Virtue - a handlist of the exhibition

George Allen of Sunnyside (2007)


George Rowlett (2007)


Journeys of a Lifetime (2008)


Keeper of the Flame (2005)


Model of Perfect Order (2006) 


Mountain Glory: Ruskin's Modern Painters and the Swiss Alps

My Dearest Place in Italy (2005)  


Pen of Iron (2003)


Perpetual Paradise (2002)  


Precious Records: Ruskin's Daguerreotypes of Tuscany

Ruskin and the Daguerreotype (2006)


Ruskin and the Lake District (1998)  


Ruskin and the Old Masters (2009)  


Ruskin and the Persephone Myth (2007)   


Ruskin Restored: further drawings and Daguerreotypes from the HLF Conservation Project (2006)

Ruskin’s Organic Vision (2005) 


Ruskin’s Romantic Tours (2003) 


Ruskin's Venice (2010)
Summer Miscellany (2009)

Victorian Artists in Photographs: the World of G.F. Watts (2009)


Small Catalogues                                                                                        
Ruskin and Venice (2000), The Performances of his Friends (2002), Portraits of John Ruskin (2000), Ruskin and Switzerland (2 volumes) (2001), Treasures of the Ruskin Library (2 volumes) (2000), Ruskin and the Decorative Arts (2001), Ruskin and the Practice of Drawing (2001), Sketching from Nature (2008), Nature’s Best (Hesketh Collection) (2008),
50p each
Exhibition catalogues from other galleries, including items from the collection
Ruskin Switzerland and the Alps (Rheged)  
Ruskin-Turner (in French) (Amiens, 2007) 
Ruskin e le Alpi (in Italian) (Italy, 1990)     
John Ruskin and Victorian Art [mainly in Japanese, with English introduction and picture titles](Japan, 1993) 
John Ruskin and the Alps [English supplement to Ruskin e le Alpi] (1991)  
Other Publications

How to See (Ruskin Foundation)


How to be Rich (Ruskin Foundation)


David Walker Barker: In Search of the Hidden Landscape

Making Books (Ruskin Library)


The Worlds of John Ruskin (Kevin Jackson) (Pallas Athene and Ruskin Foundation)



It may be possible for us to provide photocopies or images of some items in the collection, when required for academic or research use. In addition to the printing and postage costs there may be charges for staff time: you will be given the total cost prior to the work being done, and this can be paid by cheque or card (see below).



Catalogues can be ordered from Lancaster University's Online Store and paid for by card.

For other items, or if you wish to pay by cheque, please contact the Ruskin Library by telephone (01524 593587) or email ( to order these publications.

All items are price in £ sterling - a currency converter is available here.

Items will be sent once the payment is received.


Postage will be added at time of ordering.

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