Verona Book 1850 (Coniston Museum No CONRM 1990.380)

Verona Book is presented within this edition with thanks to The Ruskin Museum, Coniston, courtesy of The Trustees of the Coniston Institute and Ruskin Museum Charitable Trust, Coniston, UK. Dedicated firstly to W. G. Collingwood founder of the museum and secondly to John and Margaret Dawson former curators. Any further use of this material must be discussed with the Museum’s curator: The Curator, The Ruskin Museum, Coniston, Cumbria LA21 8DU (see also here).

The full title of this notebook on a pasted label on the front marbled cover is ‘Once called small notebook No.11, Verona Book 1850 In notes made after & in general review referred to as m.minor.’ These ‘notes’ with reference to ‘m. minor’ have not been identified. A further smaller pasted over-label states: ‘1850’. This notebook does not match the other small Venetian notebooks in size, being narrower in shape. It is bound in slightly stronger brown marbled boards 18.5 x 10 cm (7 1/8 x 4 inches). There are 188 pages each having 24 (sepia) printed lines per page on pale blue paper. The first lined page has been torn out. Pages numbered by Ruskin, top left on the recto side 1 - 92. Leaves between 67 and 68, and between 89 and 90 were torn out prior to pagination. Page 81 has also been removed. (Hewison (1978) p.60) Verona Book was not part of the Sothebys sale of July 1930.

As indicated by the paper label, this notebook was used by Ruskin in 1850, during his return journey from Venice; the itinerary being: ‘Padua (March 7), Vicenza, Verona (March 11), Pavia, Cremona, Genoa (March 23), Oneglia (March 25), Menton (March 26), Nice (March 27), Draguignan (March 28), Aix (March 29), Avignon (March 30), Orange, (Montelimar) (1 April), Valence (2 April), Vienne, Lyons (3 April), Bourges (April 10). (Route and dates based upon the combining of information in Verona Book p.20 and Works, 9.xxiv). Ruskin and his wife were back at Denmark Hill on 20th April moving to Park Street on 22nd April 1850.

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