Emergency Procedures


Fire Action

On discovering a fire operate the nearest fire alarm call point.

Dial 999 on an internal phone and give details of the fire to the Security Office.
If you dial 999 on a mobile phone you should also contact the Security Office on 01524 594541.

Only use the fire fighting equipment provided if trained to do so, do not take any personal risks. If your efforts are not immediately successful leave the building.

On hearing the fire alarm leave the building by the nearest available exit.
Close doors and windows as you leave.
Do not stop to collect belongings.
Do not use the lift.

If you are disabled and unable to use the stairs, move to an enclosed staircase or refuge point. Ask someone to stay with you and ring Security on 01524 594541. If the refuge point has an emergency voice communication panel press the button and speak to the operator. Tell them where you are and ask for assistance. In this position you will be safe until help arrives.

Move away from exit doors. When clear of the building proceed to your Assembly Point. Do not re-enter the building until the alarm has been silenced and the Fire Service declare it safe to do so.


First Aid

Accidents and First Aid

If you have an accident at work:
Report it immediately to your Supervisor or Line Manager.
Make sure an accident report form is completed. This should be done online as soon as possible after the event

Familiarise yourself with the name of your local first aider and the location of the first aid box.

If you need first aid:
Contact a first aider or ask someone to do it for you.

If you cannot quickly locate a first aider, dial 999 and give details to the Security Officer.

Any Other Emergency

Dial 999 and give details to the Security Officer.

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