Hazardous Machinery Safeguards

This section covers the principles embodied in PUWER as they relate to machinery safeguards and is informed by the content of the following documents which are available as free downloads from the HSE website:

The guidance given is particularly relevant to metal engineering and woodwork shops as operated in the Engineering Department, Physics Department, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Art and the Psychology department.

However, it is also relevant to the assessment of machinery used outside of a workshop context, particularly where safety is dependent on the correct operation of guarding or where the retro fitting of guarding would significantly reduce risk to operators.

The guidance is comprehensive but not exhaustive and Area Safety Officers and workshop managersshould also make themselves familiar with the content of the above documents. The HSE website contains additional guidance on specific machines particularly those used in wood working.

Machinery brought into use new or second hand after the 5th December 1998 must meet the absolute safeguarding requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

Machinery in use prior to the 31st December 1992 (the implementation date of the previous Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) must meet the minimum safeguarding requirements applicable at the time and be upgraded in safeguarding to the new standards where individual machine risk assessments indicate that a significant risk would otherwise remain.

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