Driving Minibuses


Driving a minibus requires additional skills in order to be able to handle the vehicle safely. It is not simply like driving a large car. The weight and the size of the vehicle are greater. In addition the driver takes on the responsibility for the safety of passengers. Although rare, serious, sometimes fatal, accidents have occurred when minibuses are used by educational establishments.

If you are going to drive a minibus you must address three issues; the level of training you require, the type of driving licence you must hold, and whether your minibus must be issued with a 'standard permit' under section 19 of the Transport Act.

Once each of these areas have been addressed you must be authorised to drive a minibus by your Head of Department (or the CEO of the Students Union in the case of students and Students Union staff).

Authorisation is valid for up to 3 years after which time if you have not driven a minibus in the previous 12 months, you must repeat and successfully complete the driver assessment described in section 4.1 of the minibus policy.

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The University's Manual Of Safety: Policy for the Safe Use of Minibuses.

Driver Authorisation


Heads of Department

Heads of Department are responsible for ensuring the arrangements described in this document are implemented locally as described in Organisation for Health and Safety section of the Statement of Safety Policy.

Heads of Department or their deputies are responsible for authorising members of their staff to drive minibuses.

Lancaster University Students Union Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO of Lancaster University Students Union is responsible for ensuring that Lancaster University Students Union staff and Lancaster University students driving minibuses for clubs and societies affiliated to Lancaster University Students Union, or in connection with events run by Lancaster University Students Union adhere to the contents of these arrangements.

The CEO of Lancaster University Students Union is responsible for authorising students and Lancaster University Students Union staff to use minibuses for Lancaster University Students Union affiliated societies or Lancaster University Students Union events.

Staff driving a minibus

Members of staff who drive a minibus carrying students or University staff must first obtain authorisation to drive a minibus from their Head of Department.

Students driving a minibus

Students driving a minibus for a club, society, trip or event must first obtain authorisation to drive a minibus from their Head of Department or LUSU CEO.

University Safety Office

The University Safety Office will;

Take action to suspend any work which in the opinion of the Head of Health and Safety poses an imminent risk of serious personal injury.

Review this policy annually.

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