Guidance for Working Overseas

The purpose of this guidance is to ensure the safe management of activities when working overseas.

The University has adopted the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA)/Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA) document Health and Safety Guidance when Working Overseas" as University policy.

If you are uncertain whether the guidance applies to your proposed work activity please download the Flowchart.

In addition to this the University has also developed a protocol for decision-making where the outcomes of a risk asssesment determines significant residual risk

Pease enure that you are familiar with the Duty of Care to LU Staff working abroad.

The UCEA/USHA guidance adopts the principles of planning, control and review and suggests how the associated functions and duties may be allocated. A course of action is proposed which leads to the identification of, and the pre-planning to counter, foreseeable problems, difficulties or events. It then suggests some strategies and checklists that can be employed to improve the safety of those working overseas.


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