Report an Accident or a Near Miss

The University has a duty to report a range of occupational accidents and ill health incidents to the Health and Safety Executive under the Reporting of Incidences Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations.

This is often referred to as RIDDOR.

How do I report an Accident or a Near Miss?

By clicking on the picture below you will be able to download our standard accident report form.

The guidance on how to complete it and where to send the completed form is on the form itself so you will need to read this carefully


It is part of University policy to report and record accidents to staff, students and visitors.

Accidents and Near Misses....what's the difference?

An accident is an incident which has resulted in harm or injury e.g. a worker drops a tool from height and it lands on the head of a passer by.

A near miss incident is an event that had the potential to result in harm or injury but for the prevailing circumstances e.g. a worker drops a tool from height and it lands on the floor next to a passer by.

Both of these need to be reported because they need to be investigated and controls need to be put in place to ensure that it cannot happen again.

Every accident or near miss incident involves an investigation at some level. The investigation is carried out by whoever has the responsibility for the injured party and their work.

If an accident results in the type of injury or ill health condition that must be reported to the Health and Safety Executive [HSE] the University's Health and Safety Offiers will carry out the investigation.

A near miss incident will be investigated by the person responsible for the work and the worker involved in the incident.

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