Arrangements for Carrying out Risk Assessment

The aim of Lancaster University's Health and Safety Policy is to encourage and promote the safe management of departmental work activities so as to reduce risks to employees, students and members of the public. This document details the arrangements by which risks must be assessed and suitable controls determined in cases where hazard specific methodologies do not exist, and defines the responsibilities of Lancaster University staff.

Objectives of these Arrangements

All significant risks associated with tasks or activities undertaken in connection with University business must be subject to a risk assessment and suitable controls put in place. 'Significant' in this context means any risks capable of creating a real risk to health and safety which any reasonable person would appreciate and take steps to guard against. Risks which are considered to be 'every day' in nature (for example using stairs) do not need to be assessed unless the task or activity in some way increases the risk (for example transporting heavy equipment up stairs).

The University has produced separate Arrangements for the assessment of risks associated with specific hazards such as those associated with working with chemicals, or undertaking field work or overseas travel. Where such hazard-specific Arrangements exist they must be used. The Arrangements described in this document are to be used where no hazard-specific Arrangements are in place. Individuals carrying out risk assessments must first check for hazard specific guidance on the University's Health and Safety Office website.

The risk assessment template and associated guidance must be used in the assessment of workplace hazards.

Duties and Responsibilities

Head of Department

The arrangements described in this document are implemented locally as described in the University's Statement of Safety Policy. These departments are:

Area Safety Officers

Area Safety Officers must:

Staff with Managerial Responsibility for Staff or Supervisory Responsibility for Students

Staff in this category are responsible for:

Staff with Teaching Responsibilities

Staff in this category must ensure that any significant hazards associated with the teaching activity have been subject to a suitable and sufficient risk assessment and that any controls identified are implemented and used.

Staff undertaking work or participating in activities

All staff must:

The Health and Safety Office

The Health and Safety Office will:

The Risk Assessment Procedure

Individuals carrying out risk assessments must first check for hazard specific guidance on the University's Health and Safety Office website.

Guidance on how to complete the '5 step' risk assessment form is given within the form itself.

A Risk Assessment training package is available within Moodle under the 'Health and Safety' category. Find it by looking under 'find a course' and selecting 'Health and Safety'.

Further guidance on the completion of a risk assessment should be sought from the departmental Area Safety Officer.

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