Workshop Risk Assessment

This is not an exhaustive list and will need to be tailored to the actual circumstances found. A template general risk assessment form has been developed which is already part completed, identifying typical hazards likely to be found in engineering workshops. This is to demonstrate the layout and approach to using the risk assessment template.

One of the key hazards identified on the template is that of metal working machinery. The nature of the risk presented by machinery in broad terms can be stated on the general risk assessment form with reference made to more detailed individual machine risk assessments being undertaken and recorded.

The checklist may be suitable on its own to assist in completing a suitable and sufficient risk assessment.

Where questions arise over the adequacy of guarding a more detailed checklist should also be used and be informed by the hierarchy of control given in the section on Dangerous Parts of Machinery.

Risks to health and safety need to be assessed for both the use and maintenance of all machinery and other work equipment presenting a significant hazard, taking into account:

Consideration must also be given to other matters such as:

The outcome of the risk assessment will assist in determining:

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