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Lena Simic


Lena Šimiç


Angels and soldiers:

My Transnational Performance Practice Tactics






Through this ‘show and tell' presentation, I would like to focus on the ‘soldiers and angels' imagery, which is prominent in my performance Joan Trial . Broadly speaking Joan Trial is a response to the grand themes of war and religion, both of which I process autobiographically. The aim of this presentation is to share my transnational performance making tactics. These are employed from the specific position I find myself in as a foreign performance artist in Britain who is using the local, the everyday and the experiential while tackling the ‘great universal themes' such as war and religion.

My presentation consists of:

  • Angel/marching scene from my performance Joan Trial
  • A short description of the devising process
  • Video footage of myself dressed in a soldier's uniform walking around my neighbourhood with my children, supported by the reading of an extract from my performance journal describing the experience of filming that event
  • Some thoughts on my transnational performance practice tactics

Joan Trial is one of my three performances that explore different ways of intervening in ‘female archetypes' from my ‘Foreign' position. The performance is offered as a possibility of how I, a female solo performer, can address Joan of Arc, a ‘female archetype', from my own local, everyday reality and experience. Using autobiographical material from my Catholic upbringing, the experience of war in my hometown of Dubrovnik, Croatia, and my daily life as a mother and artist-researcher in Liverpool, I offer a re-figuration of Joan of Arc and challenge assumptions about heroism.





Lena Šimiç is a performance artist, born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and now living in Liverpool, UK. She Trained in theatre directing/acting at Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (B.A. Hons, M.A.) in Bratislava, Slovakia and London Academy of Performing Arts. Lena is currently undertaking practice-based PhD research ‘Re-Figuring Female Archetypes' in Live Art at Lancaster University. Recent projects Medea/Mothers' Clothes, Magdalena Makeup and Joan Trial, a series of interventions into female archetypal figures, question contemporary assumptions about motherhood, the ‘naming' of Others and heroism. Lena has collaborated with Bluecoat Arts Centre in Liverpool, Nuffield Theatre in Lancaster, Art Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik and toured her performances nationally and internationally.




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